Finally, the awards's results.

Finally we have come to a conclusion for the ET Awards 2005. Booths have been closed and votes have been counted. Before you look at the results I want to say that everybody is a winner. This ain't true of course ;p. There is just one winner for each category which can be found on the following pages:

- Best Player
- Best Moment

Open Cup Premier Division Finals!

The Clanbase Open Cup Premier Division comes to and end. Although there were a large number of dropouts, six out of 32 teams (in comparison with the Eurocup were only two teams have dropped out so far!) and some last minute rule changes (only one team of every group advanced to the playoffs) we have seen some nice games. The only teams left are SixthSense and BeNed. They meet eachother tomorrow evening.

6s vs BeNed
24th of January 2006 20.15 GMT