Interview With Croatian Captain 'amserious' captain

Hi again,

here we have the second interview of amserious, the captain fo the team croatia.

Let's go !

Craz : Can you introduce yourself and your ET achievement.

amserious : Nick : amserious Real Name : Marko , Well i started to play et like almost 3 years ago, so far ive only played in croatian clans, and thats mostly because i enjoy playing with my countrymen :). Started out in darkside wich became elite later.

Interview with Swiss Captain 'gifty'


im proud to present the first interview of my nation cup coverage.
This is a interview of gifty, the captain of the switzerland national team.

Ok, let's go !

Craz : Can you introduce yourself and your ET's achievement.

Gifty : Hi, my name is Florian 'gifty' Gunzenhauser, and I'm a 15-year old student from Basel/Switzerland.