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ET: A one league game?

With the uncertainty surrounding the future of Tzac, there is a risk that the community could become split over its replacement. There is, however a consensus around the community that a replacement is needed, and without doing so risks dipping back into the dark ages of 2008-2010 where cheaters spread like wild fire. During this article I will be looking at two possible situations: firstly situation 'A' where Tzac continues,secondly, situation 'B' where Tzac is discontinued.

Adroits LAN: Overview

LAN is upon us! This time around it is the third event from Adroits as this weekend the well known WZZRD LAN centre will host Adroits LAN which will also be featuring Quakelive Duel and Quakelive TDM. The Prize pool for the event was increased to the following which gives ET its highest prize pool in a number of years.

just a bit of hanky panky?

Awful title aside, i thought it was time Crossfire.nu was treated to some League of Legends wonder. Who better to find than one of the most promising casters, so Crossfire i give to you....

Q. Christopher “Panky” Pankhurst, why don’t you introduce yourself to Crossfire.nu.

Will you Survive the GameZ?

Happy Survivor Gamez! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Part entertainment, part brutal retribution for a past rebellion, the televised games are broadcast throughout Chernarus. Only one can walk away alive.

From Zero to Hero

Just like that…

So ive not done a rather long write up in awhile so I thought I could do something I get questioned on a lot. How to take yourself from being a bedroom caster to sounding professional and being some what “attractive” to sponsors and casting at events.

Behind the mic tonight KiH.zerom!

So I sat down once again with one of the legends in RtCW, the norwegian powerhouse zerom! We had a small chat before the upcoming RtCW Fall Cup 2012 and asked some questions about him and the expectations of the fall cup. So grab your pringles and coke, it's time to have a chat with him.

CS:GO Worth the Rizc?

I decide to sit down with Niels "Rizc" Topp, a fantastic member within the CS:GO & CSS Community and hope you enjoy the outcome.

So Niels, tell the people of Crossfire.nu who you are and what you do?

Call of Duty:Bo2 Hope?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, The game for some held hope. There were whispers of “eSports” involvement, whispers of ESL being around to advise and it once again stirred up hope. The Call of Duty 4 community began to take notice and waiting with baited breath for more information.

The Witching Hour with WarWitch!

So I sat down with ze legendary, almighty, the one and only WarWitch! Its been several years since he stopped casting those great games with his pure talent. We all have been waiting for this legend to make a small return to the scene of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and yes ladies and gentleman this is true, the legend has returned once again! So enough of chitchat and lets take a look at the interview with him.

The reality of it all

I have personally found this issue growing more apparent, when gaming starts encroaching too much on our personal lives. Can it ever really be considered a life choice or career?

I only say this off the back of receiving a job offer this afternoon that would slightly restrict my rather tight schedule as it is. I depend on the fact I can personally promote myself during my lunch breaks and keep in contact with most on skype during the day to ease my work load when im home.
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