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Interview with one.chronos

Just in from deff, here's an interview with one.chronos in build up to the ownitschcup's RTCW final on Tuesday. After having won a tight game versus oceans6, onesoldier were the first to gain a place in the final. Deff was there to interview chronos about these recent events.

Interview with Edge

In build up to Tuesdays Grand Final of the ownitschcupII, Deff has continued his coverage by catching up with Edge of svpermen to get the low down on their preperations!

Game On: Sol

I contacted Sol about this interview two weeks ago. He said he was glad to do it, but there was one problem. Sol left for Mallorca last week. He spent the last weeks in an appartment at the sunny island near the east coast of Spain. But... Sol loves us, he loves the community and doesn't want to miss a single word said on Xfire.be and IRC. That's why he took his pc and internet with him.

An oldschool romantic view to the cheating issue...

Well I wanted to write something like this a few days ago but I didn’t had the time and since now this discussion subject is hot lets fire in the whole 

Game On: Sheep

After I decided to interview Sol, I had really NO idea who to ask for the sixth edition of Game On. So I made a journal on xfire.be asking who you guys wanted to be interviewed... Didn't get alot of comments about it, but Sheep contacted me. He wanted me to do the interview with him because he had some things to tell the community. So here he is...

4Kings Ben Interview

Manager of 4kings Ben "AphexTwin" Woodward has travelled the world under the tag of a gaming royal, but who is Mr. Woodward?

What are his tasks? What are his and 4kings' goals? ...And what about that CS team?

Idle.ee and one4one in the spotlights!

On Sunday the 18th of June 20:00 CET the first EC XIII playoff match will start! idle vs one4one! Almost everyone of the scene says that idle has the EC title in their pocket. But TosspoT thinks different, he made a column called: Who can beat idle? All playoff-clans are in there with their chances against idle, but that's TosspoT's opinion.

TosspoT vs LoTiX

Never shy of a few words, I felt it was time to catch up LoTix and find this Eurocup Semi Finalist to talk about all things ET and

oh we talked a little about Torspo.

The man that rose to fame as the third leg in the team that took second at optihack and then spent a brief period as iN-tba has now come out of the shadows and is challenging for Eurocup Gold.

NxM in the spotlight!

With the Playoffs of the #ET-Cup and the rise of his new team, I have decided to ask NxM some questions about the Cup and for sure about ET.

No faith in our anti-cheat system

Since tuesday the 9th May - the day raZz was caught - the cheater-issue has become more and more of a problem. We don't know how many there are. We seem not to be able to get them banned. Nowadays clans are folding, people leaving the community. Many people say that playing this game is no more fun. I feel it's the time to finally do something.
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