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Nations Cup Interviews

Welcome to this Article regarding the aspiring captains of the Clanbase Nations Cup! In the past week the ET Nations Cup Crew asked all applicants a series of questions regarding their application. The reason why we did this was in order for you as voters to make it easier to pick out your favorite player and vote on him or her! The questions that were asked are the following:

Match Reports!

I've had to move the match reports here because basically, I was breaking the forum thread with the amount of bbcode added to it. I'll split up all the weeks/stages into different pages and I'll link to them from the forum topic so that you can still find them.

AEF: Preview - Favourites

These are the teams on which a true betting man bases his skill. These are the teams that are itching for a break-through and are not expected beforehand to make it all the way, yet possess the potential to do it. These are the teams who will need to have improved a lot by the last events to be included in the next event's favourite list.

EuroCup Incoming!

The prize has been set, the challenges has been casted and the teams are formed. Let the games begin!
Tomorrow we will see the start of the all-grand-ET-festival, the EuroCup XVII!

ET Reborn LAN: Overview

LAN is upon us! It will take place of course where everyone knows and loves, WZZRD LAN centre in Enschede! It has been a while since the last LAN event and maybe some people doubted the chances but Sebhes & timbolina have managed to organise what should be a very enjoyable event.

EC XVIII so far

This is the article about current EC from my point of view. The main point is to summarize what has already happened.

bye bye (from kamz)

Now, i'm going to try to be careful when posting this.. as alot of things I seem to post on forums seem to be interpreted the wrong way when I post them ..

I know it's not really an "Interview" but I want people to see this.

Anyway i've decided to quit et, don't think i'll ever play any games online again, because people will just find out about kamz in RTCW2 too.

AEM: Preview

Adroits ET Masters is less then a week away with players and viewers anticipating hopefully a top event at the WZZRD Enschede in the Netherlands a location which shares some of the biggest moments in ET's History where better to hold this event?

Here is a reminder of the activities over the weekend:
  • Friday: Bootcamping and ET Quiz Night
  • Saturday: Groupstage & Decider Game


I came back to home yesterday and I'll write an article explaining all the experiencies I've had along CDC3!

Before cdc3 we needed to pickup two players because we needed a replacement for aCoZz and d0ktor. We picked up XyLoS and Matias like 3 weeks before LAN, we needed to train hard to be as strong as CPC2. that was the days before the LAN, a lot of tactic change, new points of view and here we go! CDC3!

An Evening With Crod

Ladies and Gentlemen, its the moment you have all (or maybe not) been waiting for...

Tonight I have the pleasure of interviewing a player surrounded by nothing but controversy, flame and spam.

So could you start by introducing yourself...

Hi my name's Scotty Summers and my ingame alias is crod. I'm 17.9 years old and am from Finland

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