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Xeh speaks about ETF

Today I will try to introduce to you a forsaken mod. ETF (Enemy Territory Fortress) is a free modification for the popular free game Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. This mod is actually a direct port of the once very popular Quake 3 Fortress mod in it's prime version of 2.3. The first ETF mod was released in January 2005.

Interview with NBS-Gaming

Recently GamersPortal did an interview with NBS-Gaming. Since ET is a very important part of NBS, I thought there might be some people interested in reading! :)

Tell us the story of how your clan was formed… How did your clan get to where it’s at today? How long has your clan been around?


With performing always at his best and beeing one of the nicest guys around I am proud to present to you the superb FLoPJEHZ! He was kind enough to answer some questions for our next "Getting to know the game...r" edition!

GtkG - Goku

Picked next for the "Getting to know the game...r" series is the notorious, hated by some, loved by lots, unique, handsome, highskilled... Goku!

Hi dear sir, why don't you introduce yourself a bit.

GtkG - miNd

With forming an impressive team playing under his own nick and beeing one of the finest rifles around I thought it is time to give you an insight view with our next "Getting to know the game...r" series about miNd!

Msh100 in the spotlight!

Sitting down with Msh100 also know as Marcus from YCN-hosting. You are a known face around the crossfire community as being the man behind YCN,Crossfire Administrator and GamesTV site supervisor.

picture of Marcus in his natural environment As you can see mobile phone,laptop,desktop and a server

GtkG - phyzic

The "Getting to know the game...r" series is going strong and continues with phyzic!

Who are you in real life?

GtkG - koop

The next pick of our "Getting to know the game...r" series is about Team UK`s new star rifle koop. The interview itself is long enough so I don`t need a big introduction. Here we go:

As every other interview we do start with the question what kind of person is hidden behind the "koop" nickname?

GtkG - s1LENT

The next pick of the "Getting to know the game...r" series is nobody else than the famous s1LENT.

At first, tell us abit about the person behind the screen.

GtkG - SimonKinsler

Here he is, the first pick of the "Getting to know the Game...r" -serie. The rising star of community, mainly known from his many contributions and recent promotion the staff of the cf-site. Here he is, SimonKinsler, or as we know him... Well, just as SimonKinsler, who you really are?

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