Of the teams signed up on https://www.rtcw.events/teams so far, what’s your prediction for final rankings?

1st no Pressure
2nd Brugse Zotten, 99 Problems, Eindelijk Bier drinken
5th AaA, Marauders
7th Follow.rtcw.lan
I can't pick a 2nd, neither a 5th. 99 and ebd have different line-ups than usual but they are great players that can adapt easily. I expect great games out of these three. I can't wait to cast some of them!

But if you want a prediction anyway... I 'd say: no Pressure, Brugse Zotten, 99, ebd, AaA, Marauders & follow.rtcw.lan

Who are you most looking forward to meeting at LAN and why?

Ouf.. There are plenty to be honest.

My former Omega guys, you Adlad, Whitewolf, Ditto, the two brothers zoko & spike, the follow guys Nismo, Parzi, bully, dusty, Jin, Joep, Kevin, nizou, dan, ... I can't name everyone. That's already a lot, sorry :D

To me, it's amazing that the community still stands with a bunch of great lads. I'll be happy to meet anyone.

Which player do you think is the most likely to drink so much they can’t play the following day?

Kevin is used to it, it depends if Kuuraigu shows up I guess! Otherwise, Ditto, cuz he'll try to follow my lead.. :p

Are there any particular match-ups you’re looking forward to?

Marauders for sure. We play this team a long time, our games are usually tight and we enjoy them a lot. Results can turn either way, these are the opponents I'm really looking forward to playing.