The tournament will take place according to the following schedule:

Phase 1
Match 1: Wednesday 5th to Saturday 8th December
Match 2: Sunday 9th to Tuesday 11th December
Match 3: Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th December

Phase 2
Quarterfinals: Saturday 15th to Monday 17th December
Semifinals: Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th December
Grand Final: Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd December

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Match 1 Results[/b]]United Kingdom 4Kings 2:0 Poland neworder
Portugal Blasphemy 2:0 (F) Netherlands H2k.Qpad
United Kingdom Compact-Gaming 0:2 (F) Belgium Dfiance Gaming
Benelux DCC gaming 2:0 United Kingdom envy-gaming
Sweden Eyeballers.cod4 2:0 Benelux Exhale
Belgium LowLandLions 2:0 Poland FLS Gaming
Europe Phonetic 0:2 Austria GUMMI
Czech Republic inteRaction.cod4 2:0 United Kingdom team-contego
Germany vicious and evil 2:0 Netherlands IN-FLUX
Germany Legendary 2:0 Netherlands Solarstorm
Poland UF Gaming 2:0 (F) Europe OVERLOAd gaming
Czech Republic nEophyte * INTEL 2:1 Germany kickiT
Czech Republic eSuba.HAL3000 2:0 (F) Netherlands preciZion
United Kingdom The Last Resort 2:0 Sweden FirstRecon Squad
Netherlands menTiz.k0 0:2 (F) United Kingdom Team Visualize
Germany KomaCrew e.V. 2:0 Italy TuLLs
Belgium TEK9 Networks Ltd. 2:0 Europe .LP5
Spain overplay 2:0 Sweden ovs-gaming
Netherlands Unlucky Gam1ng! 1:2 Europe not identified
Netherlands wave-esports.cod4 0:1 Finland Da Imperial Executers
United Kingdom Team-Ebuyer 0:2 Germany nGize.cod4
Europe POTENCiAL Gaming 1:2 France don'Touch
United Kingdom VeniVidiVici 1:2 United Kingdom syKotic gaming
Netherlands team-ephix 2:0 Belgium hardMethod Gaming
United Kingdom team-dignitas 0:2 (F) Netherlands BottomFraggers&CO
Germany mCstriker 2:0 (F) United Kingdom PIRATE HATS
Finland Team zEaled 0:1 Finland iNTERNAL Multigaming
France oXmoze 2:0 Sweden Corax
France Coming Soon 2:0 Europe dtekt.eSports
Poland chaos-gaming 2:0 (F) Hungary Térdre Gecik Modern Tánczene
Poland Team crinkz 0:2 Benelux Starlike
Finland 1:0 Finland thrice

Match 2 Results[/b]]Sweden Eyeballers.cod4 2:0 Benelux DCC gaming
Czech Republic inteRaction.cod4 2:0 Germany vicious and evil
Germany Legendary 2:1 Poland UF Gaming
Germany KomaCrew e.V. 0:2 United Kingdom 4Kings
France Coming Soon 2:0 (F) Poland chaos-gaming
France oXmoze 2:0 Finland iNTERNAL Multigaming
Germany nGize.cod4 2:0 France don'Touch
Europe not identified 0:2 Finland Da Imperial Executers
Belgium TEK9 Networks Ltd. 2:0 Spain overplay
Benelux Starlike 0:2 Finland
Netherlands team-ephix 2:0 United Kingdom syKotic gaming
Czech Republic nEophyte * INTEL 2:1 Czech Republic eSuba.HAL3000
Belgium LowLandLions 0:2 Austria GUMMI
Portugal Blasphemy 0:2 Belgium Dfiance Gaming
United Kingdom The Last Resort 2:0 United Kingdom Team Visualize
Germany mCstriker 1:2 Netherlands BottomFraggers&CO

Match 3 Results[/b]]Belgium Dfiance Gaming 0:2 Sweden Eyeballers.cod4
Austria GUMMI 2:1 Czech Republic inteRaction.cod4
Germany Legendary 2:1 Czech Republic nEophyte * INTEL
United Kingdom The Last Resort 1:2 United Kingdom 4Kings
Belgium TEK9 Networks Ltd. 0:2 Finland Da Imperial Executers
Germany nGize.cod4 2:1 Netherlands team-ephix
Netherlands BottomFraggers&CO 0:2 France oXmoze
France Coming Soon 0:2 Finland

Quarterfinals Results[/b]]Sweden Eyeballers.cod4 2:0 Austria GUMMI
Germany Legendary 1:2 United Kingdom 4Kings
Finland Da Imperial Executers 2:1 Germany nGize.cod4
France oXmoze 2:0 (F) Finland

Semifinals Fixtures
Sweden Eyeballers.cod4 2:0 (13-8, 13-8) United Kingdom 4Kings
Finland Da Imperial Executers 1:2 (10-13, 13-9, 15-18) France oXmoze

Final Fixture
Sweden Eyeballers.cod4 2:1 France oXmoze