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Supervisors: Belgium Rafiki & United Kingdom hentai
Co-Supervisor: United Kingdom Pansy
Coverage Supervisors: Netherlands Sainted & Scotland pedro

Group A:
1) Belgium Belgium
2) Israel Israel
3) Austria Austria
4) Czech Republic Czech Republic

Group B:
1) Finland Finland
2) Japan Japan
3) Estonia Estonia
4) GreeceGreece

Group C:
1) Germany Germany
2) Turkey Turkey
3) France France
4) Malta Malta

Group D:
1) Latvia Latvia
2) Australia Australia
3) Hungary Hungary
4) Ireland Republic of Ireland (If they're playing?)

Group E:
1) Netherlands Netherlands
2) Chile Chile
3) Italy Italy
4) Romania Romania

Group F:
1) Poland Poland
2) United States of America USA
3) Slovakia Slovakia

Group G:
1) Sweden Sweden
2) Russia Russia
3) Portugal Portugal
4) Slovenia Slovenia

Group H:
1) United Kingdom United Kingdom
2) Canada Canada
3) Switzerland Switzerland
4) Ukraine Ukraine

Please note that the numbers do not represent seedings, but are simply numbers.
The top 2 teams at the end of the group stages from each group will reach the playoffs.
This means a total of 16 teams will be entering the playoffs. For the first matchweek of the playoffs a single elimination layout will be used, followed by a double elimination process from the quarter finals and onwards.

13th - 17th July:
Team 1 vs Team 3
Team 2 vs Team 4
Supply & Radar

20th - 24th July:
Team 1 vs Team 4
Team 2 vs Team 3
Bremen_b2 & sw_goldrush_te

27th - 31st July:
Team 1 vs Team 2
Team 3 vs Team 4
Radar & sp_delivery_te

#crossfire.nc for any related questions.