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Belgium 4 vs 2 Czech Republic[/center]]
Match Report : "All aim and no game!"

An easy one to call on paper, Belgium Belgium even without Belgium dAv1d can still put out an impressively talented lineup. The Czech Republic Czechs will need big performance from their big name players Czech Republic teente, Czech Republic Loo and Czech Republic CPU otherwise this could be a slaughter.


Belgium mAus
Belgium vila
Belgium lio
Belgium acid
Belgium jetro
Belgium isen
Czech Republic teente
Czech Republic mnew
Czech Republic jano
Czech Republic flash
Czech Republic cpu
Czech Republic loo

Map 1 Goldrush, round 1.

We start this game with the Czech Republic Czechs attacking, sending three down to the axis spawn straight away. Trying to get the tank via the back slope first, the Czech Republic Czechs are picked off one by one with some nice shooting from Belgium acid as he perches himself upon the tank. With a great push lead by Czech Republic Flash the tank is stolen at 13:08 and the Czech Republic Czechs soon completely surround the first tank barrier. with 12:16 still to play, the tank meanders past the unbuilt barrier and a two man support fire from Czech Republic teente helps get the spawn camp underway but the Czech Republic Czechs are getting so carried away with the camp, they forget the tank in all the excitement!

With the doors blown at 11:10 the Belgium Belgium team do manage to get a working bank defense up and running and with a couple of nice rifle frags from the front of spawn from Belgium vila, his team mates have plenty of time to get their positions sorted.

At 9:48 the Czech Republic Czechs spring across the courtyard looking for an opening and with some crafty team work, Czech Republic Loo manages to grab the objective and races up the hill and round the long way to spawn.

With 8:49 to go the truck moves past the barrier due to a terrific two man assault on the spawn by Czech Republic teente and Czech Republic mnew.

With a 6:57 up on the board the Czech Republic Czechs made a very respectable showing of themselves and showed no intimidation in the way they played which allowed them to completely camp the Belgium Belgium team out of the game.

Map 1 Goldrush, round 2.

Now with the Belgium Belgians attacking and quickly on try a push through the side only to be stopped with Czech Republic jano wielding his trusty rifle. Again, the Belgium Belgians push for the side sensing a weakened defense. But again, Czech Republic jano is at hand to clear up the attacking Belgium Belgian side with a great combination of K43 and land mine kills.

With 4:26 to go Belgium isen leaps into the front entrance onto the tank and with the help of his team mates shortly after, manages to get the tank up and rolling.

The Czech Republic Czech team moves up to the barrier and somehow they get it built. The Belgium Belgians are completely out-aiming the Czech Republic Czechs here but the team work just isn't there.

With 1:55 remaining Belgium lio pushes the Czech Republic Czechs back with a great four man spawn kill and the tank gets rolling through the barrier.

Some insane shooting round the back of the bank from Belgium mAus signals the end of this map and a surprise early lead for the Czech Republic Czech team. The Belgium Belgians will really have to sort out the team work here, otherwise, we could have the Czech Republic Czechs taking the entire tie.

Map 2 Bremen , round 1.

Onto Bremen now and the Belgium Belgians have to start gelling this team together. The Czech Republic Czechs deal well with the first wave, self-killing and setting themselves up again. Again, another wave put down by the Czech Republic Czechs and a silly TK from Belgium lio on Belgium jetro doesn't really help matters either.

13:17 left to play and the forward flag is taken and the Belgium Belgians quickly file through to the courtyard area. A slow progressive push from Belgium Belgium really shows off their superior aiming talents and the CP is secured shortly after.

11:02 to go and the keycard is secured thanks too two colt frags from Belgium mAus. Belgium Belgium look like they are starting to get into the swing of things here. 10:33 and the truck is repaired and you can really start to feel the tide shift in favor of the Belgium Belgian aggressors.

Some great work from Czech Republic Loo does manage to stop the truck for a short time with cries from Belgium isen of "POLAK" being thrown into the mix. With 9:32 left to play Belgium vila does his bit to get the truck going as the rest of his team pounce on the Czech Republic Czech spawn.

A four man killing spree from Belgium lio at the second truck barrier soon squashes all Czech Republic Czech hope of mounting a further defense.

With a time of 6:44 set the Czech Republic Czech should find themselves lucky as it could have been a lot worse for them.

Map 2 Bremen , round 2.

Here we go and although the first Czech Republic Czech wave is completely flattened, Czech Republic jano manages to sneak behind Belgium isen to take the flag on the second wave and it's just the start the Czech Republic Czechs needed. Czech Republic teente is on hand to pick up the covert duties which signals a massive drive forward from the Czech Republic Czech side.

With the main gate blowing and 4:51 to play, the Belgium Belgian team prepare themselves for a CP defense. Some needed rifle frags from Belgium isen helps the time tick away but with some equally impressive smg kills coming in from Czech Republic mnew, the Czech Republic Czechs manage to get the CP up with 3:09 to play.

Czech Republic mnew follows up his smg heroics with an objective secure bang on 2:50. The Belgium Belgians have no trouble in surrounding the truck however and the Czech Republic Czechs only manage to get it away with 1:10 to play, can this still be done?

With a couple of frags from Belgium lio the trucks is temporarily halted and with only 0:30 left in the map, it looks like this game is going into a decider.

Map 3 Radar , round 1.

Quickly the Czech Republic Czechs move toward the side entrance wit Czech Republic jano picking up a couple of smg kills. The dynamite goes down with 13:36 on the clock and the game is paused due to latency issues for Czech Republic mnew.

After a series of pauses it's found out that Czech Republic mnew can no longer continue and the game resumes without a sixth player. It's a real blow for the Czech Republic Czech team, as Czech Republic mnew was having a great game.

The side goes with 11:02 remaining but the Czech Republic Czechs still don't have a final player. Czech Republic etnic connects with 9:12 to go but the Czech Republic Czechs seem completely rattled now, does this spell the end for them?

With the CP built at 8:34, the Czech Republic Czechs try advance through the side entrance and shortly after claim the forward bunker. Belgium Belgium look as if they are concentrating on an east radar defense here with some great team frags keepings the Czech Republic Czechs at bay.

Bang on 7:00 the east parts are taken and with Belgium mAus unable to follow up his frag with a return, the Czech Republic Czechs storm away with the parts only to be denied by the oncoming Belgium lio and Belgium isen.

The Czech Republic Czechs seem to have lost all and any momentum they had with Czech Republic etnic coming into the game and even manage to loose the CP with Belgium Belgium taking the chance to follow up the destruction with a rebuild of their own.

While Belgium vila watches the side entrance the Czech Republic Czechs can only throw bodies at the main entrance as Belgium mAus and co simply mow them down.

With 2:00 left to play the Czech Republic Czechs move through the CP only to be denied by a spectacular four man grenade kill from Belgium mAus. Another two frags from Belgium mAus stops the Czech Republic Czechs moving round the tin hut to the east radar parts with all hope seeming to be fading away for the Czech Republic Czech side.

As the dieing seconds tick by the Belgium Belgians look like they are having fun, slicing the Czech Republic Czechs apart at every opportunity. It's a shame the Czech Republic Czechs had to make such an early change in the round, it seems to have completely killed their chances of causing an upset. Credit has to go to Belgium Belgium though, they have turned up the heat at exactly the right time.

Map 3 Radar , round 2.

Belgium Belgium decide to push round to main at the start of this round and secure the forward bunker inside 40 seconds of the kick-off. Quickly, the side is planted at 10:52.

With the Belgium Belgium team finally running rampant, the Czech Republic Czechs have no alternative but to fall back, employing a west radar defense. With 8:36 to go some good objective running from Belgium isen. 7:49 to go and for some reason, Belgium isen won't leave the forward bunker to secure the east parts.

Finally on 7:28 he does so. No idea why he didn't capture them sooner, it was completely clear. The Belgium Belgians continue to run rampant over the west radar parts and successfully manage to piggy back the objective all the way to the main gate.

A last ditch effort to reclaim the parts does succeed thanks to Czech Republic jano but it only delays the inevitable and Belgium vila soon takes the west parts, securing them with an impressive time of 6:01.

Belgium mAus has to get the MOTM award due to the shear amount of damage he managed to get out on Radar. His team may have lacked the tactical excellence they usually have but their aims on the other hand were consistently superb. Belgium lio also played well but no one was even in touching distance to Belgium mAus's display on the deciding map.

Match Report by Scotland pedro

Poland 4 vs 0 Slovakia[/center]]
Match Report : "Slovakia just got shafted by some Poles!"

Unsure of what team captain Poland n00n would field with players such as Poland Wrobel being disallowed from the tournament, more people watched this game to see how Poland Poland would bounce back.


Poland S4rna
Poland krisek
Poland zMk
Poland Xanah
Poland Dolar
Poland dialer
Slovakia LoR
Slovakia Silent
Slovakia CML
Slovakia Kredenc
Slovakia bladee
Slovakia filus

Map 1 Goldrush, round 1.

Slovakia Slovakia start with a conservative push forward which is completely wiped out by the Poland Polish side. Poland krisek takes the opportunity to push down to the allied spawn taking out two before self-killing. Some more great work with the rifle helps Poland krisek pick up another three kills and ruins yet another Slovakia Slovakia attack. Poland krisek is raging with the rifle early doors and this Poland Polish side are playing with masses of confidence. Slovakia Slovakia really have to come up with something here as with 12:42 still to play, they haven't even touched this polish defense.

With 12:20 to go a sneaky build gets the tank repaired only to be instantly destroyed. Poland Poland need to watch they don't get too confident here. Finally Slovakia Slovakia are looking as if they can get this tank going and with a semi-decent push at the old CP route almost get the courtyard secured with some nice shooting from the Poland Poles saving the day.

Slovakia Slovakia try up the rear now, mounting to zero success. It's getting a bit grim, with Slovakia LoR blocking his fellow team-mate Slovakia Silent allowing for Poland Xanah to claim a fortunateness double grenade frag. Poland Poland are defending this with ease here and with 9:42 to go will this ever happen?

Fortunately for Slovakia Slovakia, a two man team-kill from Poland krisek with the rifle allows the tank to be stolen with 8:15 still to play. With the barrier up and three Poland Polish players defending it, there's certainly no quick way through for [falg=sk] Slovakia here. A three man spree at the old CP entrance from Poland Xanah sees the Slovakia Slovakians driven back yet again and Poland Poland really are making this look easy.

5:33 on the clock and a plant does manage to go down at the barrier. Poland Poland do not decide to push for the defuse/rebuild and instead opt for a courtyard defense. Some nice smg action from Slovakia filus does allow for some short lived progression onto the courtyard but the emphasis here has to be on short lived.

4:08 to go and finally Slovakia Slovakia get the CP built. The Slovakia Slovakians still don't have the bank doors opened and are simply being outclassed in every department by Poland Poland here.

2:58 to go and the bank doors are open. Poland krisek then decides to ditch the rifle allowing for Poland Poland's superior fire-power to win them through the round. With 0:58 to play Slovakia Slovakia try for one last push of glory only to be completely annihilated in the process.

Impressive stuff from Poland Poland here, I really fear what could happen in the next round.

Map 1 Goldrush, round 2.

A nice crossfire between the front entrance and the old CP route from Poland Poland gets things underway in the second round but the attack is eventually shut down. Again the same crossfire combo is tried yielding more success, allowing for the Poland Polish engineer to stroll up the back slope and the tank is up and running with 12:59 to play. Such a sublime crossfire there from Poland Poland.

A couple of frags from Slovakia filus allows for his engineer to get in place to build the barrier but the unnoticed Poland S4rna is lurking with a grenade, killing and gibing the engineer in the process. With 11:00 to go the bank doors are blown and Poland Poland stream across the courtyard.

Poland zMk and Poland S4rna combine to take out the old MG position and with 10:08 on the clock Poland krisek snatches the gold. Only Slovakia Kredenc manages to get across to the truck to defend, it's all up to him now.

Alas his efforts are in vein and Poland S4rna secures the objective with a whopping 8:55 remaining. The truck strolls on home and although this is a class performance from Poland Poland, Slovakia Slovakia simply aren't in the same league as them.

Map 2 Bremen , round 1.

Poland Poland are in no rush to get on with things here and are quite contempt to simply wait for their ideal moment, picking off the Slovakia Slovakian payers with ease. At 13:08 the forward flag is captured and Poland S4rna simultaneously plant the main gate. A two man grenade from Poland zMk on his fellow Poland Polish players while they wait for the main gate to be blown shows you how seriously they are taking this game.

Spectacularly, Poland S4rna blisters through towards the CP, mowing down three Slovakia Slovakian players as an engineer of all things. A two man team-kill from [flag] bladee doesn't help matters for the Slovakia Slovakians either and somehow I don't think that was in jest. :P

10:45 remaining and Poland dolar makes a break for the keycard only to be denied by the camping Slovakia LoR. Poland dollar soon after gets his revenge with the keycard secured at 9:45.

With the truck away it's open season on the Slovakia Slovakian spawn and a flurry of flags signals the end of this round. With a leisurely time of 6:57 set there's not much chance of this one going into a decider.

Map 2 Bremen , round 2.

Slovakia Slovakia do get a decent start to the round with Slovakia bladee pinching the forward bunker with 5:25 to go but this is a huge ask from the Slovakia Slovakian side.

The CP is blown and soon built at 3:37. The Poland Polish have a firm grip on the truck as the Slovakia Slovakian look to progress and this is all but over. The truck does get moving at 1:40 but with a three man MP40 spree from Poland zMk coming in, there's no longer any hope.

The clock ticks out and signals a win for Poland Poland and a guaranteed place in the knock-out stages.

It's a hard one to call for MOTM, it was an all round impressive showing from Poland Poland, against a poor opponent. Poland krisek played well on goldrush but I'm going to give the MOTM award to Poland S4rna for his frightening shooting skills
while he was playing as an engineer. When an allied engineer can take out two or three medics/fops defending an objective, you know there's certainly a massive gulf in quality right there.

Match Report by Scotland pedro

Austria 4 vs 2 Israel[/center]]
Match Report : "What a beAsty of a match!"

With Austria Austria reeling from line-up changes and coming off the back of defeat to Belgium Belgium, this one might not be as academic as most people would assume.

Israel frAgOn
Israel jsolmA
Israel Stonji
Israel rvn
Israel sidewinder
Israel jinxz
Austria beAsty
Austria v1ech
Austria xXx
Austria xety
Austria hal
Austria tamschi

Map 1 Bremen, round 1.

The Austria Austrians attack first, and look to get a plant down quickly at the main gate. There plans are foiled however and the dynamite thrown down by Austria v1ech stays yellow, and isn’t set to red.

After a minute or so, of fragging back and forth, the tide begins to favour the Austria Austrians, and they overwhelm the defending Israel Israelis and capture the flag.

From here the Israel Israeli defense begins to crumble, with virtually no resistance, other than Israel frAgOn, the command post is in the control of the allies who respawn there and push for the key card, Austria xet pushes inside the keycard room only to be dealt a killing blow by Israel frAgOn, who is camped inside and daring anyone to come and claim the objective. Well one man dared, and his name is Austria beAsty. He whips his colt out and a lashes a round off into the face of Israel frAgOn, and skips away to the generator, keycard in hand.

With just 4:00 gone, and the dynamite armed on truck barrier one, the Austria Austrians seem to be getting into the swing of things and Austria v1ech is able to repair the truck with no visible resistance at all. From there its pretty much over, as the Austria Austrians escort the truck home easily, and set a time of 6:37

Map 1 Bremen, round 2.

The Israel Israelis make attack now, and start out really impressive, capturing the flag and getting the main plant down in under a minute, thanks to some impressive rifling from Israel Stonji.

The allies blow side and make there way over to the command post, only to walk into the waiting guns of the Austria Austrians. The allies can’t seem to breach the Austria Austrian crossfire, and are unable to even get close to the command post.

However, due to some good fortune and a well timed push for the key card as the axis self killed to regroup, Israel jsolAm gets a hold of the objective and manages to whisk it away to be secured at the key card generator. The axis do remain in control of the command post though, and are looking to stay that way.

With 2:00 left on the clock, Israel Stonji manages to sneak through the axis spawn, and repair the truck and attempts to escort it to the already built truck barrier one.

With just 90 seconds to go, the Israel Israeli team are desperately attempting to get the barrier planted but multi-kills from Austria beAsty and Austria xXx prevent the yellow dynamite from going red.

At this point my ETTV crashes and I don’t see what happens. But as we go to a decider after Goldrush, I presume that Austria Austria held Israel Israel. :D

Map 2 Goldrush , round 1.

Israel Israel attack first and Austria Austria spawn with 3 engineers in a weird defense, and due to lack of medics, lose the tank in under a minute, they do how ever manage to truck barrier up. With Austria beAsty picking up a 5 man kill before the Israel Israelis manage to plant the dynamite. The barrier is blown with 13:00 left on the clock but the Austria Austrians manage to damage the tank once it’s past the barrier, and keep it damaged. The tank doesn’t move due to some impressive spam from Austria xet, Austria hal and Austria xXx, the Israel Israeli engineers are unable to touch pliers to the tank.

After clawing back some time, after there poor first stage, the Austria Austrians fall back to a bank defense with 10:00 left on the clock. Here the Israelis get minced by Austria beAsty, who picks up frag after frag after frag. He is on fire!

The Israel Israelis manage to fight there way into the bank, and get a hold of the gold bars, mainly due to Austria beAsty running out of ammo. Israel Sidewinder makes away with the gold to the safety of his allied spawn as Austria xXx attempts to build the truck barrier.

Israel Sidewinder secures the gold in the back of the truck and the allies escort it home with relative ease, setting a time of 9:49.

Map 2 Goldrush , round 2.

Austria Austria attack and they start off slow and don’t manage to break through the Israel Israeli line, or Israel Sidewinder and his landmines. With 7:00 left on the clock, a starting rifle from the allied spawn by Austria xXx picks of two, and allows the first breach of the Israeli defense. Austria v1ech manages to Build the tank, and the axis spawn at there first spawn and several get picked off for long spawns. Israel Sidewinder attempts to build the tank barrier but is cut down by Austria v1ech.

The axis respawn and Austria Tamschi picks up a 5 man spawn kill, 4 air strike kills followed by a Thompson frag to an engineer attempting to build the truck barrier. The Austria Austrians moved the tank into position, and started the assault for the gold bars. Several times they tried a 6 man push through the axis spawn, but time and time again it was broken down by Israel jsolAm, who picked up a stunning 5 man kill, two grenade followed by 3 quick mp40 frags. Eventually though, the Austria Austrians had a break through and were able to grab the gold bars and hop them away to the allied spawn, that was until Israel frAgOn popped out of nowhere and secured taking down two Austria Austrians and securing the gold.

1:40 left on the clock, and Austria beAsty picks up the gold and dashes straight across the main court yard with incredible ease, the axis respawn though and he’s cut off as he tries to flee up the stairs, but luckily allied reinforcements arrive and prevent the axis from returning the gold. The gold is secured and Austria beAsty hops into the back of the truck and tosses a grenade at the truck barrier, the axis respawn and rush to try and get the barrier up, but triple grenade kills from Austria beAsty and Austria xet put and end to it. with just 40seconds left, every Austria Austrian on the server is behind and in front of the truck, trying to push it up the hill! It reaches the destination and equals the time set by the Israel Israelis, 2-2 we go to a decider!

Map 3 Supply , round 1.

With the victorious Israel Team-Israel choosing Supply and choosing to defend first, we get started and first frags fly in. With Austria beAsty picking up a Thompson frag onto Israel rvn, followed by a grenade onto Israel frAgOn as he selfkills, the allies are able to get a foothold in the lower basement, and get a plant down within a minute.

The axis attempt a defuse, and push out to clear out the allies and make it safe for Israel Stonji to attempt the defuse. But Austria beAsty lets fly with the mighty panzerfaust picking up a double kill and killing the axis engineer, preventing the defuse.

Team Austria are really playing well now, and I personally have watched them get better and better throughout this match. They quickly get control and the command post and get both depot walls planted, quickly followed by the depot gate. As the truck is escorted over the hill, it rarely stops. Pausing briefly at the west wall as it breaches the depot gate, as Israel Stonji briefly holding of the allied advances. As Austria xet and Austria Tamschi move the truck into position, Austria v1ech and Austria hal have already got the crane controls built and the button is pressed.

The Austria Austrians mass around the truck and escort it out of the depot, as the Israel Israelis attempt to slow the truck, and scrape back as much time as they can. But the efforts of Israel frAgOn and Israel jsolmA are not enough, and the allies set a time of 7:59.

Map 3 Supply , round 2.

Having just been given a spanking by the Austria Austrians on defense, theIsrael Israelis really need to start off well. But they fail to do so as Austria xXx destroys the allies attempting to push into the second level.

With 5:00 left on the clock, they manage to get a plant down low, and a double panzerfaust kill from Israel frAgOn stops the Austria Austrians from getting a defuse. There is now 3:00 left on the clock, and the allies now have control of the command post. They are unable to get a plant down on the depot gate though, until there is only two minutes left. Austria v1ech gets the defuse though, and “gg” is called.

This was a truly stunning encounter, and it gets my recommendation for MOTW.

Player of the match: Austria beAsty

Match Report by England Cupper

France 4 vs 0 Turkey[/center]]
Match Report : "Do or die, who can hack it?"

With both teams losing their opening games, this was a must win game for both sides for any hope of progression into the next stage of the competition.

France milit
France kAribuu
France kEEji
France tzbq
France Sinus
Turkey tanq
Turkey kaze
Turkey ali
Turkey hope
Turkey katil
Turkey jok3
Turkey metc

Map 1 Bremen, round 1.

An organised France French defence saw the Turkey Turks getting gunned down, finally at 12:30 some nice team play saw Turkey Al1 capturing the flag. The main is blown and the Turkey Turks are now a little bit more confident as they push through for CP.

One well organised attack saw Turkey Turkey taking over the CP at 10:51. Immediately after, Turkey Turkey make a strong push for the key and managed to capture it at exactly 10:00. However from thereon France France set up some nice crossfire at truck to tried to delay the Turkey Turks who looked out of sorts just after capturing the key.

France France took full advantage of this, as they held the truck for 2 more minutes until 8:30, when it was finally repaired. A very determined France French side quickly set up yet another decent crossfire, which held the Turkey Turks for a further 2 :30 minutes until the barrier was destroyed. With all their focus on the 1st barrier, France France didn't bother with the 2nd one which saw Turkey Turkey set up a time of 9:39.

Map 1 Bremen, round 2.

With the flag in mind, France France rushes swiftly through the axis defence only to get delayed for about a minute and France France capture the flag on 8:39. A well set up Turkey Turkish command post crossfire gunned down wave after wave of France French players, which were solely focusing themselves on reaching the CP.

Their relentless pushing finally saw them getting CP at 5:30 which reeked havoc on the Turkey Turkish defence and at 4:11, the key was delivered. With 3 minutes to go the truck was repaired and was successfully on the move, with heavy crossfire at both barriers, the Turkey Turks got picked off one by one.

With no second Barrier to hold them back, the France French went on to take the map with 2:11 minutes to spare. If losing the first map wasn't bad enough for the Turkey Turks, just as the map was finishing Turkey kAtiL gets kicked for an ETbot.

The France French decide to continue with the second map which is great credit towards them, when they could have easily walked away at that point.

Map 2 Goldrush , round 1.

Taking full advantage of the dishevelled TurkeyTurkish side, France France strongly push for the tank which they successfully repair at 14:09. The TurkeyTurks are now caught off guard and are helpless to set up a tank barrier defence.

France France pounced on the Turkey Turks and at 12:00 they planted the truck barrier while strongly pushing for the objective. Finally at 11 :20, the France French deliver the gold only to have the Turkey Turks rebuild the barrier just in time.

This only lasted a few seconds however and at 10:27 it was replanted and successfully covered with some nice crossfire which saw off the advancing Turkey Turks and set a final time of 5:20.

Map 2 Goldrush , round 2.

Knowing this was their last chance, the Turkey Turks head shakily for tank, only to get mowed down by the France French. Finally at 2:50 the tank is repaired and the Turkey Turks head quickly down to the barrier to prevent it from being built.

Just as tank was rounding the corner at 1.50, the truck barrier was successfully built and was followed by a decent crossfire and the France French managed to hold on for a fullhold.

Predicted as a one sided affair, this wasn't the case in the first map. After the Turkey KAtiL scandal, Turkey Turkey were overpowered by France France on Goldrush and my MOTM award goes to France Sinus. No one really stuck out but France Sinus kept up a decent performance on both maps.

Match Report by Malta Reky

Latvia 4 vs 0 Ireland[/center]]
Match Report : "Ireland dunno what's happened!"

The Latvia Latvians are undoubtedly look stronger on paper but they are coming off the back of two losses. Can they bear that burden? Also Ireland Ireland do still have a slim chance of proceeding to the play-offs if they could somehow pick up a shock win here.


Latvia vinyl
Latvia Mata
Latvia FUZZ
Latvia Clown
Latvia dunno
Latvia speedy
Ireland dozy
Ireland coco
Ireland solomon
Ireland shiver
Ireland Skydeh
Ireland Bilgrim

Map 1 Goldrush, round 1.

Latvia Latvia stole the tank after 54 seconds of play, with some nice shooting by Latvia dunno from the old CP to allow Latvia Latvia in. The tank was up and rolling, escorted into position while Ireland Ireland struggled to even get out of their own spawn.

Latvia Latvians were crushing the Ireland Irish, not letting them any space to breath or regroup. Ireland Ireland managed once to pull back the gold but after some determined spawnkilling from Latvia fuzz and Latvia vinyl, they manage to get the gold.

The round was nothing but a one team show from Latvia Latvia and they steamrollered their opponents and set a impressive time of 4.26.

Map 1 Goldrush, round 2.

Ireland Ireland has a quick start as well by repairing the tank just 4 seconds later than in the Latvia Latvians did in the first roun but a grenade from Latvia dunno prevents the Ireland Irish from stealing it.

The Latvia Latvians start the second round right where they left off in the first. Ireland Dozy and Ireland Coco attempt to cause trouble by sneaking from the back but they hit a Latvia Latvian brick wall in the form of Latvia Mata.

For several minutes, the Latvia Latvians denied all of Ireland Ireland's desperate attempts to repair the tank until they managed to repair and steal it at 2.58 but it wasn't enough to take the round.

Ireland Ireland just doesn't have what it takes to challenge the Latvia Latvians here and they really need to be careful, this could turn into a bloodbath if it keeps going the way it is at the moment.

Map 2 Bremen , round 1.

A minute gone and Ireland Ireland manages to grab some space to breath in and try to proceed to the flag but the axis soon spawn and Ireland Ireland are back to being nailed to ground.

After 1.41, an impressive sneak by Ireland Skydeh allows Ireland Ireland to grab the flag and spawn but Latvia vinyl is there to shoot down Ireland Skydeh and retake flag. Latvia Latvia are totally shooting Ireland Ireland out of the game here.

It's third time lucky for Ireland Ireland and after 8 minutes, Ireland Ireland puts on a nice show and who else other than Ireland Skydeh captures the flag. This time they manage to keep a hold of it and move onto the next stage of offence.

Ireland Ireland seem to be carrying some momentum here and are proceeding comfortably, blowing the main gate at 7.37. The momentum gets shunted on the courtyard however, where Latvia Latvia set up an impressive crossfire and proceed to shoot down anything that moves.

4.30 left and Ireland Ireland rushes to CP but Latvia vinyl and Latvia Mata are right there to prevent it. 2:45 on the clock, Ireland Doze and Ireland Coco push from the side and take out four Latvian players to give Ireland Ireland a foothold in the game but the Latvia Latvians are just too strong for Ireland Ireland.

The Ireland Irish side are just getting denied time after time. Deserved fullhold for Latvia Latvia. Even though Latvia Latvia are clearly the better side here, the brave hearted Ireland Irish refuse to quit and demand to play the final round of the game.

Map 2 Bremen , round 2.

After 35 seconds, Latvia Latvia overruns Ireland Ireland while they are trying to do everything they can to stop the mighty Latvia Latvians. 2:00 gone and Latvia Latvia has already destroyed the defending Ireland Ireland's command post.

Just a bit over 3:00 gone and the allies safely secure the card and start moving the truck that was repaired earlier at 3.15. The Latvia Latvians look to be the clear winners here until Ireland Skydeh and Ireland Bilgrim manage to restore some pride by killing the Latvia Latvians that are trying to escort the truck.

It's glory for the Latvia Latvians however, who seem to be unstoppable as they finish the map with over 9:00 remaining.

Ireland Ireland put on a poor show that was clearly nowhere near good enough to challenge Latvia Latvia. MOTM has to go to Latvia dunno who tore Ireland Ireland apart wave after wave on Bremen.

Match Report by Finland Kaide