Finland 4 vs 0 Sweden[/center]]
Match Report: Super Easy Suomi Sunday

A mouth-watering prospect at hand in this clash, tournament favorites Finland take on a confident Sweden. Finland will find it hard to control the aiming talents of Sweden smuztig but with a #stfu? backbone they should have the teamwork required, this will be an epic encounter.

Sweden tornis
Sweden rat
Sweden askungen
Sweden jonas
Sweden smutzig
Sweden lelle
Sweden Tites
Sweden savage
Finland squall
Finland decem
Finland lettu
Finland stuka
Finland twidi
Finland chmpp

Map 1 Supply, Round 1

Sweden forged forward with a conventional 4 / 2 split as the fighting begins, sticking to the refined mix assured tactics. Having played this map hundreds of times everyone knows the drill. They also know what to expect. With Finland setting up a standard inner defence, their smg might combined with Finland twidi's sporadic target practice, picking off Swedes at will with his rifle. Rat hovers above the upper level waiting for that perfect spawnkill; he's patient, focused and eager for action. Alas, rat fails - failing to hit a solitude Fin. It's left to Sweden tites to take down two Fins on the lower level and push on through for the plant, shepherding his engineer Savage with him. Several revives later and with the Swedes swarming the upper echelons Savage gets a plant down with 9:02 left on the clock. A few Fins spawn forward to clear the lower level, and are left with a mad dash towards the CP as they realise the main gate is lost - with a resurgent Swedish team hot on their tails.

The Swedes should learn from the age old adage. "Less haste more speed" - they carelessly sprinted up the hill towards the cp - only to be met by a barrage of arti fire and an unforgiving twidi, who takes down three. The Swedes regain their composure and push on towards the depot gate. Securing a failed plant on 7:40 - having forgot to blow the upper spawn exit the respawning allies weren't sufficiently able to protect the plant. The Finnish defence is strong - but can't hold this advanced position forever - with Sweden finally securing and protecting a plant on 6:45; taking up strong crossfire positions across the crest of the hill. tornis and Savage combine well in taking out the axis engineer.

The allies begin their final, and most tepid advance on into the depot proper. This is where they hit a Suomi brick wall. The tactics perfected by their forefathers are no less unforgiving today. Even with both east and west blown, the Swedes are lacking that clinical push. The aggressive forward positions combined with co-ordinated respawns - and a total lack of spawnkill from the Swedes makes life easy for Finland.

It's this lack of spawnkill during the final stage that'll cost Sweden the round. Finland played a high stake game relying heavily on respawns, and where often bunched up leaving their spawn. One tactical panza could've changed the tide of this game, and at the very least helped Sweden set a time - as it was, Finland full hold.