As usual, we are bringing you the Top 10 teams of the month, based on performance, for March 2011 as part of ET Cast.

Again this time a lot of teams you would be used to seeing in the top10 are missing, this is due to their lack of activity - but there are a lot of familair teams who will be battling for top10 positions in the future. Next month all the big teams will be featuring as they have already played a handful of games so far in Eurocup, YCN Challenge and the Frostbite Sunday competitions during April.

The following teams are being considered for the top 10 positions for March 2011.

Poland Back 2 Kill
Europe erAse
Czech Republic inteRaction
Finland KRP
Germany Lost Soldiers
Netherlands Mouse-Control
United Kingdom Power Gaming
Europe Queens
Finland r@g
Germany ROCKIT
Portugal Royal Blood
Poland to Make odds even
Finland Turbot

All research for the ET Cast Top10 was done by United Kingdom galla, this includes lineups and results.