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Overview: Part I

Tonight we are starting with daily series of newsposts about teams that take part in second edition of Battle For Berlin. We are going to post four newsposts that will contain overview about every participating team. In further part of this article you are able to read about Belgium Belgian Fraternity, Poland PolagZ, Finland and Germany STAR.ET. Enjoy!
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Belgian Fraternity

Belgium Belgian Fraternity is back with an impressive lineup and a legit 7th seed. The all-Belgian clan (they just got Netherlands Lun4t1C as backup) was formed somewhere between July and August 2009 and every time the gamers around Belgium Jere,
Belgium uNDEAd and Belgium Gifted picked up their weapons they were able to deal some damage on the highest competition level. Their winning period started back in 2009 with winning the fall OC Premier League. Short after they took a good 2nd place in the ESL Winter League and with the turn of the year they were able to play both EC XXI and EC XXII as well as EMS VI and EMS VII. The same year rewarded the core lineup with a 4th AEF place and an amazing 5th @ CIC7. In 2011 they attended the KaoS event but ended up on a lousy 4th place but against all odds some of them managed to take home a notable 3rd place on the SAGE lan under United Kingdom NEVO tag. Most of the current lineup are playing a lot of LoL lately and we just can hope it doesn`t harm their Enemey Territory gameplay.

  • CB: Enemy Territory SW OC Fall 2009 Premier League
  • BMG CUP v3 and v4
  • ESL: Enemy Territory 6on6 League Fall 2009 1st Division
  • ESL: Enemy Territory 2on2 League Fall 2009
  • #evu.cup 6
  • Aero xmascup
  • 4th AEF
  • 5th CIC7
  • 4th @ KaoS lan
  • SAGE lan
Some games worth mentioning:
Current lineup:
  • Belgium Gifted
  • Belgium Jere
  • Belgium uNDEAd
  • Belgium AL1
  • Belgium Sup3R
  • Belgium chizz6l
  • Belgium crook
  • Netherlands Lun4tiC
Their first match will be against the European mix from Europe NBS and I do see a very even match with experienced gamers on both sides. Jere, uNDEAd and co will be there and try to outaim their opposing side but I guess neither Belgium PlAyer nor Estonia Sinnu or the rest of the team will give them an easy walk in the park.

I was able to catch Belgium Gifted for a short interview:[/b]]
Your lineup looks really strong on paper but have you had the chance to pick up the Thompson and to develop some basic team spirit?
We played our first game in months last sunday & the first map was radar vs that team Finland & we managed to win it but we end up losing it 4-2 anyway, but ye we didnt play much yet.

Who is responsible for the ingame leading?
Mainly myself but everyone has the same ingame sense & we all give good calls & comms.

Which map do you as a team prefer most?
People would think its Goldrush, but uNDEAd is amazing on radar ^^.

Do you have a mutual agreement inside the squad concerning your goal for the tournament?
I dont know if we have a goal, we just want to play some w:et again. top 5 would be amazing.

Which team will battle it out in the final? And where do you see your own team ending?
Well, Anexis vs some other candidates. Aiming for top 5 =)

Belgian Fraternity predicted the following outcome of BFB2 sponsored by Razer:
  • Anexis eSports
  • Belgian Fraternity
  • Finlantic 6
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If some of the 'Lucky 16' teams can be mentioned as underdog - the only one of them that is worth it, is no one else then the recently formed Poland PolagZ. The lineup of this team contains three members of Team Poland which went quite far in the current NationsCup. The roster is completed by another three great players - Poland Lukey, Poland lesti and Poland stexx.

Current lineup:
  • Poland dialer
  • Poland Krein
  • Poland lesti
  • Poland Lukey
  • Poland stexx
  • Poland Frag'Stealer
The team haven't had a chance to show their teamwork in recent tournaments yet, but believe me or not they are practicing hard for BFB2 and will not give an easy win to their oponents. I had a short talk with one of their members Krein, so you can have a more detailed look into the team's chemistry.

Interview with Poland Krein:[/b]]
Hey Krein, who is the person responsible for your ingame leading?
dialer is doing his best trying to lead the team and I'm helping him quite a bit.

What are your predictions for TOP3 teams of the tournament?
Hard to tell. There's always Anexis and the fins around to fight for the trophy but I think most teams are on a similar level so everything is possible. We're hoping for top3 ourselves but it might be a challenge with all those returning teams around.

Which team will battle it out in the final? And where do you see your own team ending?
Most likely Anexis or Finlantic6 will be in the final. I don't think you can call a favorite for the tournament as for now. As I mentioned we're going for the prizes!

What are your previous results as a team? How much you were recently practicing for this cup?
We don't really have any official results as we didn't take part in the latest tournaments. We're practicing 2-3 days a week but we'll most likely up that now when we have the schedule of the tournament. All I can say it looks really promising and if we manage not to ruin our own game we should be doing quite well :)

Your first game of tournament is versus teamoxid. Do you think you're well prepared for this matchup and what is your score prediction?
We're definitly not well prepared but we'll do our best and I'm confident we can take it even 4:0. They might have few known players but that won't matter in the end :)

Name us your personal underdog out of the 16 BFB2 teams!
Guess I'd call us the underdogs. We have few new players and it's just always better to be the underdog ;D

I also asked few more or less known Crossfire members for their opinion about this polish team, their chances in the upcoming tournament and their first game against Germany teamoxid.

Click here to check predictions:[/b]]
Quote by RazZaH I guess it is gonna be a very tight match. Polagz are playing with some renowned players such as dialer and Frag'stealer, but on the other side Team Oxid has also a skilled team. I guess Oxid will take it 4:2, because they got the better mix out of good aimers and objective-based brainers .. and stray.

Quote by mental Well I guess the first match against oxid will be hard for PolgaZ. oxid has a pretty decent lineup and they played together at LAN very well. I woudn't say that oxid are the underdog's neither are polagZ since they have pretty known names like dialer or Frag'Stealer. If I would bet on I would bet on oxid because I think that oxid will be still able to win against them cause polagZ is a pretty new mixed team.

Quote by ClownI think this new polagz team has some old and experienced faces and also some new guys who still haven't experienced the big games in 6on6. They could do some damage in this cup if they play like a team and play a few praccs. I think the match will be pretty close, I expect a 4:2 score, in favour of polagZ.

Quote by ManzzpolagZ have a few nice players but I think oxid will take it as they have played together for longer time with almost same lineup. Still, I belive it will be very interesting match to watch. Probably oxid will win with 4:2. But we never know, everything can happen!

Quote by NukitsWell since PolagZ has got a quite new line-up then it might be a little tough to win team oxid. Line-up is pretty decent tho oxid is gonna be a tough opponent. More prac for PolagZ for smoother teamwork and they might win this! :)

Quote by razzPolagZ are a good new team for the community and are probally favorites to win due to being all pretty active at the moment, When on the other hand most of the team-oxid players dont play so active but they are boasting a impressing lineup and im sure if they keep the teamplay flowing they should be able to take the newly formed poilish team in a wondeful 4:2 match.
Player to watch PolandFrag,Stealer

Quote by Testi Looking at team polagZ line up, they are very strong aimwise. With players like Frag'stealer and Lesti they got some of the top aimers of the moment in their line up. Dialer & krein bring a lot of experience in the team. Overall they could be considered as underdogs, and they could certainly suprise. If it all falls together, they might end up in the top 5 of the tournament. The match vs oxid is going to be very close. Team oxid goes back a long time, and played the last lan also together with this line up. We played both of them, and team oxid looked stronger to me. Blade was giving a lot of damage, and with teamplayers like eujen & stray the team might aswell suprise. Overall a nice mix of players. I think that team oxid their teamplay will carry them to a 4-2 win vs polagZ.

As we can see opinions about the match are mixed up and I hope it will be a very exciting. In my opinion it will be the most intresting match in the first round of this tournament. Both teams have got similar chances to take the victory and advance to the next round! On both sides we've got realy strong aimers like Poland Frag`Stealer or Germany Bl4d3. We should not forget about the objective minded teamplayers like Moldova eujen, who can always surprise us with his sneaky actions!

PolagZ predicted the following outcome of BFB2 sponsored by Razer:
  • PolagZ
  • PolagZ
  • PolagZ
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Finland is a team seeded as number 15 in Battle For Berlin II. Those Finns are quite known on Enemy Territory scene. They started playing together 2 years ago and of course they had some breaks and inactivity moments, however the main part of the lineup is still the same as it used to be back in 2010. Comparing their game versus CbZ from March 2010 and then take a look at their latest games, 3 out of 6 players are still the same! That’s quite impressive and other teams, especially unstable ones, should look up to those Finns! has started their journey through Enemy Territory 2 years ago with some CB 5on5 Ladder games. Later they took part in CB 5on5 OC Spring 2010 Second League where they had reached playoffs but lost in 1st round. After that, an inactivity period has come and they returned in second part of 2011. They surprised all of us for the first time in RCUPSERIES #7, where they managed to win over Finland turbot or Estonia Team Estonia and lost only to Germany Team Germany (4:2!) in the Grand Final of this tournament. They have been playing actively again since January 2012. Recently they won 2nd Division of ESL Winter Leauge 2011/2012 in a very spectacular final versus CwG. So far it is their biggest achievement. They are going to participate in Battle For Berlin II and either OpenCup Premier League or EuroCup, if they get a chance to play one of the qualifiers.

  • ESL Winter League 2011/2012 - 2nd Division
  • #zero.E 5on5 Cup v.3
  • ANTI CIC7 5on5 Cup
  • ORDER-Cup 5on5
  • RCupSeries #7
  • Pirate Cup 5on5
Some games worth to mention:Current lineup:
  • Finland toMi
  • Finland Stuka
  • Finland t0psu
  • Finland spuge
  • Finland poksu
  • Finland HIRVI

  • Finland Blindi
  • Finland Hazz
Interview with Finland toMi:[/b]]
Tell me something about your team, what is the atmosphere inside the team? How do you perform lately? What are your expectations for the upcoming season?
Well the atmosphere is great. We have been playing together for so long that we are like one big family. Pracs are going nice. We have been able to fight back against the top teams, but we still need more practice. Our maingoal is to get EC quali and get in EC. And in bfb2 our maingoal is to win one match.

How do you feel after your victory over CwG in the recent ESL Final? Winning 2nd Division is just a beginning and you are going to achieve more and more?
It's always nice to win ! I think there was too much drama but afterfall in was good final. Ofc we aim higher now and we try to get more pocals.

You've added Stuka to your roster, it is indeed a big boost to your lineup. How is he doing? Are you planning to bring some other big names into jari's lineup?
Stuka is a great player. He brings experience which we have been lacking and ofc aims well. We are not planning to change the lineup unless we have to.

Who is responsible for the ingame leading? And which map do you as a team prefer most?
Thats my job. I like to talk and my voice is sexy so the job is like made for me. Missile use to be our homemap but now i think radar or gr is our strongest maps. We try to avoid Supply.

What do you think about your first opponent - Finlantic6? And what are your chances in this game, you see yourselves as a winners of this game or rather underdogs?
I thin we need a miracle to win this. We are clear underdogs. Hope we can fight back and not to get rolled hard.

Which team will battle it out in the final? And where do you see your own team ending?
I think anexis and queens will be in finals. And im happy if we are not last.

Their first game in Battle For Berlin will be versus no one else than Finland Finlantic 6! That’s unlucky for Finnland`s players that they have to fight against each other in first round. F6 is a clear favorite of this game and they should not have any problems to beat However, I look forward to this game because it has been always like this, that matches between teams from the same country were exciting! predicted the following outcome of BFB2 sponsored by Razer:
  • Anexis eSports
  • Queens
  • Minds gayclub
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Germany was born in late March but the core roster is made of Germany humM3L and some of his closest friends. We neither can list an achievement nor any interesting matches from their past but with Germany Kevji as latest addition they might surprise. Additionally the fact that they are all known to each other and have been playing together for a long time will help them to be a thorn in their opponent's flesh.

Current lineup:
  • Germany humM3L
  • Germany criatura
  • Germany Kevji
  • Germany violy
  • Germany draQ
  • Germany huNta_
  • Germany kiwi
  • Germany eiM
Germany draQ was kind enough to answer a few questions:[/b]] is a fairly new team. Have you had time to prepare for the upcoming challenge?
For us its like a reunion because mostly all of us knew eachother for a long time and we had enough time to prepare for the upcoming events .

We do see eight players on your roster. Please be so kind and name us the main lineup!
At the moment it looks like we got 5 main players and maybe a new face ;) For now its Kevji, draqii, humm3l, criatura and viol.

It is an all-German lineup. Do you think the comms are your biggest plus or do you have an ace up one's sleeve?
Ye indeed but our comms are just like in other teams. There is no advantage or anything like this. And for the ace I guess we have to give it to the one and only eiM - he is our backup ace!

Which team will battle it out in the final? And where do you see your own team ending?
We do think that the final will be Anexis vs . MPG/Queens
I can´t really tell where our team will end up but for sure we´re trying to climb the ladder as high as possible.

Unfortunately is doomed because they will meet the almighty Germany Anexis and we just can cross our fingers that humM3L's side will not lose their faith and keep on praccing to survive through the lower bracket. predicted the following outcome of BFB2 sponsored by Razer:
  • Anexis eSports
  • Queens
  • mPG
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Statements from known gamers about these teams:

Quote by Belgian FraternityBF in 2011 had the best teamplay of any side in ET since SNB. Recently their attention seems to have strayed away from ET so it'll be interesting to see if they're motivated enough for this tournament. To me, their teamplay and coordination took them into the later stages of tournaments but their lack of individual big plays prevented them from winning anything. Jere is one of the best rifles in the game and Undead will bring the damage but beyond those two I can't see enough quality to upset the top teams.

Quote by PolagZThey are the only Polish side in BFB and have half of the NationsCup Polish team which have reached the top 3, though to be honest I'm not surprised to see that dialer, Frag`Stealer & Krein have separated from the others. I expect them to place roughly where they're seeded (8) - they won't have the teamplay to beat any of the teams above them but they'll easily have the aim and experience to beat those below them.

Quote by jari.etThis team has Blindi so they should be last seed. I recognise most of the names but I really couldn't tell you much about them as I get all of the Finnish players confused :D

Quote by looks like it's the latest Team Humm3l. They have some good players - Kevji is the best German rifle and kiwi was good to play with in the last draft cup - and based on that probably deserve to be better placed than last seed. They'll either not prac and get stomped or will prac hard and achieve a similar result to BFB1 (top 8 iirc)
Quote by Belgian FraternityThese guys need no introduction, in last few years they became a synonym for teamplay in ET. They obviously have tons of experience which on the other hand can be overweighted by their lack of activity in past months. I havent seen any of them playing lately (with the exception of Jere), so they might be a bit out of shape and rusty from the start, but with practice they will only get better, especially because they dont rely solely on aim. Its really hard to predict how they will do, mostly because half of teams with big names are newly formed and noone can say how those will work out, but I would be disappointed if bF didnt defend their seeding spot in top8.

Quote by PolagZIn my opinion this team could have been seeded a few spots higher. They have some serious experience in their ranks, they got aim, they got balls. If they put some team effort in their play, they can easily get top3 spot. Its always annoying as hell to play teams that fear nothing and be just cocky aggressive, but this can be their downfall as well. However If they keep practicing as they are right now, I can see them to be a serious competition for finals.

Quote by jari.etThese guys are big question to me, I have never seen them playing nor even heard of them (except for Stuka). But I have seen some of their results since there was some hype regarding their league actions. They were able to make seareal extremely mad and win 2nd(?) ESL league, so I am gonna cheer for them from the bottom of my heart. And we cant forget they are finns, finns always know how to play ET and can never be ruled out. However I dont expect them to get far either, but I would be pleasantly surprised if they prove me wrong.

Quote by STAR.ETAs for almost every team built by hummel, people are not expecting them to do anything special. But that might be play into their cards, the element of surprise can be a big factor for making some early upsets, they are seeded as last so they can only surpass general expectations and play pressure-free. They just need to gain some serious teamplay since I dont think they will get far with all-in aim games.
Quote by Belgian FraternitybF's results will depend on their motivation and amount of time spent on pracs. I've personally had the luck of playing with most of these players and I must admit that everyone of them has the potential of matching any top ET-player out there. The problem with bF and not quite reaching their full potential has been to their mentality, when it goes wrong everything stops. They quit praccing, start whining and before you know it, 1 silly loss would cost them a whole tournament where they would be able to challenge for the prizes. So I guess it all depends on them and mostly how motivated they are. If Dennis & Jere lead by example, the rest will follow, and they should be able to take 2nd or 3rd spot, unrelated to their bad seeding.

Quote by PolagZFrom I really don't expect a lot, they have some promising names in their lu, but the Polish scene has been on a decline the last few months/years and this should result in them reaching an average position. With the experience of Krein, dialer & fragstealer they should be able to get a respectable position, but I'd be shocked if they would manage to challenge any of the teams seeded above them.

Quote by don't seem to have the strongest line-up on paper. But they do have some experienced players in the form of Stuka & Blindi. If there's one thing you shouldn't do with all-Finnish teams it's to underestimate them. These guys probably have played in several mixes before, so hopefully they can make amends for their line-up on paper by showing some good teamplay.

Quote by STAR.ETThey seem to have a good balance between experience and aim. Aimers like Kevji, kiwi should be able to add some much needed damage to the experienced due of Criatura & Hummel. I think the lowest seed seems quite harsh for them as I expect them to be on even par as any team below 9th seed. The seeding will make it very hard for them to do anything in upperbrackets, but hopefully with some luck they might be able to upset some teams in the loserbrackets.
Quote by Belgian FraternityComing out of nowhere with 3 months inactivity as a team and seeded seventh? Nbs pulled them down even before that. Lucky bastards.
Hopefully we'll meet soon.

Quote by PolagZI see big names in it with making challenge to most of the teams but only if they are willing to stick together and improve as a team (like Poland beated NL in NC. Must say - gege). Probably top 6 team.

Quote by jari.etThey talk a lot of trash and act stupid, but when it comes to teamwork and getting objective, then they're even able to pull themselves out of the most complicated situations. Sadly aiming part is their weakest part and without it you cant compete in this level. Can't see them winning any games.

Quote by STAR.ETCan't really expect them to suprise us with players who were inactive for a quite long time and HumM3L in it. Don`t know what Crossfire Council saw in this lineup but my guess is that Kevji and Kiwi brought them into BFB2 (it's not enough, cmon). Can't see them winning more than 1 game.
Quote by Belgian FraternitybF, consisting of belgium players, thats a big advantage for them. They have proved before how good they are, expecting them to surprise us, But with the lack of interest on this game and their recent inactivity might be their week spot. Looking forward to see uNDEAd playing again (one of the most underrated players ever), aswell and Jere pausing 50x per round. Hope they can perform as good as they used to but i am afraid they are not ready yet. TOP7?

Quote by PolagZthey have a great core lineup which has been playing together for years (EC..NC..wtv), together with some "new" faces, but that doesn't mean the new faces are not worth it. Lesti and Lukey have been playing together for ages too. They definitely have a good lineup and experienced players, but how far can they go? I don't really know, but it's a TOP5 (Perhaps 7) team. Hope they perform as good as team Poland this season ;) GL!

Quote by jari.etWell I don't really know most of their players and i haven't seen them playing, but Stuka and Blindi have enough experience to share with the other players. Since they are Finnish i am expecting a surprise, looking forward!

Quote by have a good lineup with some good individual players such as Kiwi, humM3L and stuff, but it's still a humM3L team (his teams are cursed to die young :D ). They players have some experience, but considering it's a new team i do not expect them to go further within this cup. Can't really say what position they gonna end up, but i do not expect them to reach TOP7/10..
Quote by Belgian FraternityBelgians are back and ready to roll. With Jere as their rifle and Lun4t1C as hard aiming machine I can see this team getting far. Their teamplay and reviving medics really impressed me on previous LANs and tournaments, let's see if they still got it in this cup.

Quote by PolagZEventhough they have well known players as dialer, Krein and Frag'Stealer I'm not sure if this team will perform to where they are seeded. It will all depend on how the other half of the team will perform next to the polish stars.

Quote by jari.etDon't know a lot about how these guys play but it seems like half of KRP is in this line up. Fins will be fins and roll nerds all day. Unless they've been drinking too much in their sauna's, then they'll end dead last.

Quote by STAR.ETSeems like humM3L is back once again with his fellow germans to compete in BfB2. They've been playing with eachother in past teams for a long time I would say this new humM3l team could be good for an upset if they get some good pracs together. I would however find it more likely that they barely prac and screw up games because of lack of prac.
Quote by Belgian FraternitybF are a team I like and think they have a great chance of doing well in the competition, with a team that has played a lot together they have a great chance, if they get themselves back into the shape they had at SAGE, to grab a top3 position. It's a big shame that they havent played together continuously over the last couple years as they would be a real force if they stayed together long term. Their biggest strength in the past was team play and the fact each player is very individually skilled, the reemergence of Belgian aimstar uNDEAd is a great bonus for them too.

Quote by PolagZPolagz have an interesting mix of old school talent and unproven at top level potential which could give a great combination adding a great deal of ambition to the lineup. I think the team are a solid mix and could do quite well indeed, just like everyone preperation will be key and I would not be surprised with a top5 finish and if things really go their way, who knows, top3 would not be out of the question. Frag'Stealer is the player to watch for themand hopefully he can get back to the form around the CiC7 tournament.

Quote by jari.etBit of a surprise package to take part for me, they will have a lot to prove. coming up against Finlantic6 in the first game will again give them quite a difficult game but with it being an all Finnish affair this could be an advantage for Jari as it will be a bit more personal, it depends how they deal with that pressure. I think, like they will be hard pressed to win more then one game in the tournament and could easily drop out with two losses if they dont prepare themselves properly. I don't know much about the players but from what I have seen they have good teamplay and work well together which will be something they will need in this premier competition.

Quote by STAR.ETThe German lineup come into the competition taking the last spot and will face the difficult task of taking on Anexis eSports in their first game. They must be ready to fight from the losers bracket as I see this as a no chance game for them. I think at best they will win one game in the losers bracket at a stretch two and this will be purely down to them putting in a great performance, unless this happens they will more then likely drop out of the tournament with two losses. Kiwi and Kevji being the obvious players to watch in this lineup.
Quote by Belgian FraternityNo introduction needed for the Belgians, they have proven incredible teamplay and endless skill in each class. Even so, their performances recently have not been up to standard as everyone is used to and if it continues they may be fighting to retain their number 7 seed. We shall see if the Fraternity will turn this around and surprise spectators by getting top 5!

Quote by PolagZAnother newly formed team consisting of one nationality, Poland! This team is aim heavy in my opinion, not being familiar with one or two players in the lineup so I can’t give an accurate description. Let us hope someone in this team can pick up the eng smg dirty work effectively, if this is done efficiently, Polagz could get top 5-6.

Quote by jari.etAn underdog Finnish team, which have showed impressive teamplay, but it's not that surprising considering their nationality. Granting that they have been playing for a while now, I still think this team will be in intensive battle for spots 12-18. While they have potential I do not see them breaking into the top 10.

Quote by STAR.ETA newly formed German team as far as I know, however I'm guessing the players have played with each other quite abit. Even though the team is seeded at 16th, I think it still has a very good chance of beating teams above their seed, IF they pull their act together and play as a team we might be seeing some surprises from the Germs! :_D
Quote by Belgian FraternityThe Belgians are back with a very strong lineup and we have seen them succeed before. I think that the biggest question here is that can they reach the previous level after their period of inactivity. They've got a really good mix of players in their lineup featuring some sick aimers, excellent rifle and most importantly supportive medics to get the revives. With their teamplay they should make it really far in the tournament if they aren't too rusty after their LoL adventures.

Quote by PolagZPolagZ is a relatively new team and I have had the chance to play them just once or twice. They didn't seem that strong yet, but I believe that they can do well with this lineup once they've played enough together. I'd say that a lot depends on how the new additions lesti, Lukey and stexx are going to do as you can count on Krein, dialer and Frag'Stealer to perform on a good level throughout the tournament. They are starting the tournament with a really interesting game against oxid and it is a crucial game for them.

Quote by jari.etA really stable team that has excellent teamplay. Lots of the teams wanting to make it to the top should really look upon them as they've moved up on the ranks step by step with hard work. With the addition of Stuka they got more aming power as well so they should be able to challenge any of the lower ranked teams in the tournament.

Quote by STAR.ETUsually humM3L's teams have been able to make it to the playoffs in EC despite all the disrespect towards them, but this time I honestly can't see them making it far with this lineup. Kevji is one of the best rifles currently playing and has shown the ability to win games almost by himself, so with the help of other experienced players in the team they might win a game or two in the loser bracket.
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In the next overview you will be able to read about Netherlands Mouse Control, Europe TAG, Europe Devastation and Europe Sleeperz.

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