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Overview: Part III

Better late than never! I finally can present to you the 3rd part of our teamoverview series. As promised we do have some interesting information about Europe Queens, Europe mPG, Germany a.ToOn and Europe zero Empathy. Enjoy reading!
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Europe Queens and their new roster is a team all participants will learn to fear and respect. They were nearly included in every top3 prediction I got so far - and not for nothing. With great aimers like butchji, xperia or freeze and the one and only phyzic they really have one hell of a lineup. Additionally the long time player razz and the objective minded chry will complete their lineup and with the rifle support coming from wiaderko I am sure that this team is able to cause some big upsets. The Queens claimed some awesome achievements in their past and in case they can keep up their motivation, I am sure they will be able to add another pocal to their hall of fame!

Current lineup:
  • United Kingdom razz
  • Poland wiaderko
  • Belgium chry
  • Estonia freeze
  • Netherlands xperia
  • Iceland phyzic
  • Germany butchji

The superb mix will play against the new zZz team and although they have a strong core of Team Hungary gamers I see this game becoming one of the more predictable ones. Tune this Tuesday in and see if I am right!

ET-Cast Team of the Month May 2011 (3:0)
ET-Cast Team of the Month April 2011 (12:1)
ET-Cast Team of the Month March 2011 (4:0)

CB ET 6on6 EuroCup XXIV 2011
Crossfire 6on6 Battle For Berlin 2011
CB ET 5on5 EuroCup XXIII 2011
YCN ET 5on5 Spring Challenge 2011
CB ET 3on3 OpenCup Spring Premier 2011
CB ET 3on3 SW EU Ladder 2005/2006
CaseKing ET 5on5 Tournament 2011
Decerto ET 5on5 Xtream Cup 2011

Some games worth mentioning:

Interview with Belgium chry[/b]]

Hey chry, my first question is: Why do you leave Queens and join NBS for the ET Master Lan? Was there really no chance in getting an own Queens lineup attending?

Only because razz dont wanna go to the lan and butchji isnt sure about the lan either. Same with freeze - but me and xperia gonna team up and look for a team or try to make something.

Ok, sad to hear. Nevertheless back to Queens. We do see 7 players in the current GTV lineup. Can you release your final six for tomorrow already?

No, unfortunately not. razz is the boss and picks the lineup but even tho I dont think it really matters who plays from the 7guys since they are all good players.

By going through your opponent`s side. What player do you fear most?

I dont really fear any of them I think they are all basically around the same level and we shouldnt have any problems with them.

Ok - so you go for a clear 4:0 victory?

Yes we will go for a clear 4-0 victory!

Queens predicted the following outcome of BFB2 sponsored by Razer:
  • Germany Anexis
  • Europe Queens
  • Europe mPG

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Although some funny community users are shouting “miNd`s pro gayming” the Europe mPG originally stands for miNd`s pro gaming and if you go through their lineup it really is a pro gaming team. Names like Clown, drago or perfo will recall mementos in most of the users brains and if not I am sure they will after the whole Battle for Berlin II tournament! I recommend every user to spec at least one game because whether you are playing rifle, fieldop or even will learn something from those guys!

Current lineup:
  • Finland miNd
  • Latvia Clown
  • Germany drago
  • Sweden Ngn
  • Estonia subbi
  • Netherlands perfo

miNd and co will play against the Devastation team and I would say the same as for the match above - it will be a more or less one sided game but interesting for all people motivated enough to improve their own skills by watching high quality players.

Interview with Finland miNd[/b]]

Your first opponent is Devastation, you are the clear favorite. Do you think you will have an easy bash?

I expect us to take the game down quite easily, but we should not underestimate the opponent. Hopefully it will be a good game and a good prac for us for the bigger games.

Have you signed up to win the prizes sponsored by Razer? Or just for the fun?

Both, it motivates more to play with some prizes, but biggest reason to signup was the amount of proper competition to play for, lots of good teams et cetera - something we haven`t seen on ET for while.

Do you actually play with one of Razer`s great products?

Nah, I used to have razer mice&pad but it was time for a change and I switched back to g400 and other pad.

Talking about your strongest contenders: We just heard that chry might play for the NBS side on the ET Master Lan. Do you think this fact can harm Queens current online performance?
Dont think so, it should be pretty obvious for him to put Queens over NBS for online plays / pracs, and as far i know they have done really well in pracs so far

What about Anexis? They have won their first game against without any problems. Were you able to spec the game last night and if so have you discovered any weak points?

Wasn`t able to spec the game yesterday, was busy praccin' with mPG! I dont know too much about anexis atm, I think they play solid but not on their full potential yet!

mPG predicted the following outcome of BFB2 sponsored by Razer:
  • Germany Anexis
  • Europe Queens
  • Europe mPG or Finland F6

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Germany a.ToOn has done a last minute signup for the Battle for Berlin II tournament and some might be very surprised to see them getting one of the hightly competitive cup spots but I think the decision is plain - I mean by going through their lineup we do see some great individuals as well as some brilliant gamers with a hell of a ingame knowledge. They team around Artstar, who just joined one of the long time Enemy Territory gaming supporters #a.ToOn, and at the same time they were able to give their roster another boost by adding kartez and tornis. As you all know the team just got formed an instance before Easter and thus I can`t give you an impressive list of achievements nor any interesting matches to watch on demand.

Current lineup:
  • United Kingdom Artstar
  • Poland fanatic
  • Belgium kaze
  • France Kartez
  • Sweden tornis
  • Belgium xAv

Their first match will be against the strong TAG side but with an intense praccing schedule I see the a.ToOn guys living up to their expectations and with a bit of luck they might even surprise.

Interview with United Kingdom Artstar[/b]]

Hey Artstar, some rumors said your team was not able to pracc really often due to you being on holidays - can you confirm that?

Yeah I guess, I spent 7 days at my girlfriends house so we kinda fell behind on practices. but since I got back we've been practicing :)

Sounds good. You just joined aToOn and recruited two new players. Have you had any other tryouts or were the two just the best and perfect option for the upcoming tournament?

We didn't really have any 'tryouts' :p I just recruited people I knew weren't retarded ingame or on ts. There was a bit of a screwup with lack of communication (my fault I guess) and we ended up making replacements.

Your first opponent will be TAG. Do you think you can stand a chance against those awesome guys?

They're a strong team, maybe not the most active but individually powerful and they've got experience playing with each other as well as much more high level experience than my team, I have no idea how it will turn out but TAG are definitely favourites.

Have you played with any of the Razer products?

I've been using the Razer Deathadder for around 5 years now (replaced it once), I previously did own a Razer Mantis and Razer Barracuda but as the years went by I replaced them with other brands.

And can you recommend their products?

I always recommend the DeathAdder when people ask about mice, I've never had problems with it other than kinda breaking it myself after 4 years of use.

a.ToOn predicted the following outcome of BFB2 sponsored by Razer:
  • Europe Queens
  • Finland F6
  • Germany Anexis / Europe mPG

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zero Empathy

Although the BFB II tournament has not started the team playing under the Europe zero Empathy wings already won an award. They are by far the most stable and stanch team around the Enemy Territory scene. Czech Republic inteRaction might be more familiar to the oldschoolers and the core lineup around denton, GreenClon and milhAus have not just participated in all kind of online competitions like CB OC Fall or Spring season, ESL Cups, ESL EMS or random 1Day tournaments but also attended offline events hosted in their county (e.g. BYOC PARTY 2011 Cachovice, Kosmonosy LAN) and one of the famous Crossfire LAN ( CIC 7) where they came 2nd in the consolation tournament. By going through their achievements you will notice their pocals ranging back to 2008 and this fact is their biggest plus factor. They know each other for such a long time and are used to play alongside...that`s why this team is my personal favorite to surprise and with just 4 teams seeded behind them it is merely a matter of form to top this rating.

Current lineup:
  • Czech Republic milhAus
  • Czech Republic denton
  • Czech Republic GreenClon
  • Germany mental
  • Czech Republic malfoy
  • Netherlands Testi

Their first match will be against the impressive Mouse-Control side but it seem`s that their newest player addition unhinge them - they just lost against the lower seeded NBS crew in their #et.tourney game. Nevertheless it will be a busy task for the nearly all-Czech side to outaim the self-proclaimed mice. I cross my fingers for the friendly zeroE team but overall I guess this match will end in a 4:2 for mCon.

6on6 CZ EMS Qualifier
6on6 SW TeamPlay Open Cup 2009
5on5 Kosmonosy LAN
5on5 EasyCompany Cup VI
2on2 ClanBase OC Premier League Spring 2011
5on5 ClanBase Ladder 6/2011
5on5 ClanBase OpenCup Spring Premer League 2011
5on5 BYOC PARTY LAN 2011 Cachovice
3on3 BYOC PARTY LAN 2011 Cachovice

5on5 CIC7 Consolation Tournament
5on5 Onedaycupski Season 3
5on5 One Night Wonder
5on5 League Winter 2010 Div 2

6on6 CZSK Cup

Some games worth mentioning:

Interview with Netherlands Testi[/b]]

Your first opponent is Mouse-Control, what do you expect of this encounter?

I think its gonna be a hard match. We just completed our line up, because one wasnt able to make it to the lan. Mousecon is playing together for quite some time, with really good results. We might have a chance, but its gonna be a hard first match. We might come far if everything falls together!

You just completed your lineup? What does this mean? Tell us the newest transaction!

Unfortunately Sisha couldn't make it to the lan, so we took Germany Mental on our side as 6th for the ET Masters!

You are from the Netherlands and playing in a nearly all-Czech roster. How does this work out?

Well, for now it feels good. They talk english on comms and before me they also played with l4mpje and ridji, so they are familiar with english speaking on teamspeak. So, untill now i feel quite comfortable playing with inteRaction.

Do you know why your team moved from iR to zero Empathy?

Well, zeroE wanted to do more in the ET scene and picking up interAction was a good choice, since they are quite stable, with good results in the past and possible in the future!

You are one of the only players predicting Queens as number 1 and not Anexis. Is there a bigger meaning behind it?

Well, i heard rumors that Queens already beat anexis in praccs, and i think that the combination of players might just be the key to win BFB2. They are all very active and they got aimwise the strongest line up in this cup.

Do you actually play with one of Razer`s great products?

Yea, I play with some of Razer's great products, they are good and they have a good customer-support, for when something is wrong.

zero Empathy predicted the following outcome of BFB2 sponsored by Razer:
  • Europe Queens
  • Germany Anexis
  • Finland F6

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Statements from known gamers about these teams:
Quote by Queens
A team full of glory and dmg whores but scary none the less. If Queens can sort out who gets the not-so-glamorous jobs done they will be extremely tough to beat. Their first match vs Sleeperz will give them the perfect opportunity do exactly that.

Quote by mPGOn paper mPG are the most balanced team next to Anexis and Finlantic6. Given that both perfo and drago have been out of action for long stints recently it will just be a question of whether or not they can get back into shape quickly before facing the stronger more inform line-ups. Similar to Queens they have a great opportunity to knock off some rust in their first game vs Devastation. However you know what they say, form is temporary, class is permanent. Have fun drago and perfo!

Quote by a.ToOnThese guys have an interesting mix of players however I'm not sure they will be able to gel quick enough for the likes of TAG, so they might find themselves in trouble early on in this tournament. Have fun Artstar and may some luck fall your way!

Quote by zeroEThese Czech lads have been performing well as a team for a long time. Unfortunately they just don't have enough fire power to match it with the top-guns from Holland so they, like aToOn might be in trouble early on as well. Best of luck to them though as they are sometimes capable of taking maps off the bigger teams with their consistent team play.

Quote by Queens
I think the majority of people think the same about this lu, its extremely strong aimwise, yet objective wise i'm struggling to see who will do the majority of it. Though saying that they have sleeperzzz in their first round who i see them beating quite comfortably as they seem to have been struggling in their recent offis and praccs, and will probably struggle to outaim queens. They may suprise though and gel well as a team, if this happens they could be looking at a top 3 finish.

Quote by mPGA very strong lineup unfortunatley for us (devastation) as we have them in round 1. Although with perfo, ngn and drago's recent inactivity they may be quite rusty meaning vunerability, but i wouldnt count on it with their experience. It's good to see subbi get a shot in a top team too, he's an underrated player imo and will fit in well with such high profile players. Like queens they are a new team and if they get their tactics right and teamplay is high on their agenda (which i'm sure it will be looking at their lu) they too could be looking at a top 3 finish.

Quote by a.ToOnThis is probably the one team i think got seeded too highly, since they are a brand new team, although artstar seems to have done a good job in getting some decent players on board. At first glance the lineup seems a bit rambo, but i might be wrong. I can't see them beating TAG in their first round, though they might suprise and take a map if they play well and TAG have an off day, they could win a game or two in the lower bracket though, gl to them!

Quote by zeroEA team who have been playing together for years and have been pretty stable, deserving their spot in bfb. They have a tough game to begin with though facing mousecon who I can't see them beating, although with their teamplay they could take a map, since mousecon have recently had a shuffleround losing their strongest aimer xperia. We will probably be facing them in the lower bracket but i wish them the best of luck!

Quote by QueensA lineup that has unseen amount of aiming power and you could say that everyone in the team except for wiaderko are mainly known for their aiming skills and huge amounts of given damage. From my point of view their big problem will be that they have too many players that have mostly been playing a very similar role in their previous teams. Some of the players will have to start playing a more supportive lineup in order to get it working. If they manage to adapt to different roles to make it a working team then there’s no limit for their success. They are one of the strongest contenders to win the tournament.

Quote by mPGOn the contrary to Queens, mPG’s lineup features many players who are known to be very objective minded and can adapt to various different roles without any problems. With Clown in the lead you can expect a lot from team and anything but a top3 finish would be disappointing. I have to say that I’m definitely looking forward to see them play against Queens in the tournament, because the teams seem to be so different on paper and we haven’t yet seen them play together at all.

Quote by a.ToOnThis team seems like a huge question mark to me so I find it hard to say much about them. They have a really interesting mix of players as some of them haven’t yet proven their selves on the top level, some just made their breakthrough and then there’s xAv, who used to be a top rifle, but hasn’t been seen in action for a long time. Their final placement can be anything from 10th to 16th.

Quote by zeroEYou just have to give credit to this team for their stability and commitment. As a result of playing together for a long time they really know how to play as a team and how to use it to their advantage. On the other hand they have been stuck on the same level so you can’t really expect any big surprises from them. I’d say that zeroE is going to finish 10th-12th in the tournament.

Quote by QueensQueens have one of the most dangerous looking offensive lineups in recent times, this will be the power of their success and unfortunately I think it will be also their undoing. They lack a real objective player and time will tell if this will have a big negative effect on how quickly they can clear each stage. I think though overall if they didn't come top3 they would be disappointed and it would be a surprise - but I think they will miss out only just and come just behind the top3. It is hard to say a player to watch in this lineup but I think razz will need to play the more objective style as well as chry to get things done.

Quote by mPGIn contrast to Queens mPG have perhaps a little too much objective strength, Clown and drago in the same team will be great for the objectives but is it too much? luckily they have some great aimers in NuggaN and perfo and although I don't think anyone thinks they wont do well I believe they are a dark-horse package as they could have what it takes to challenge for top spot. Overall I think they will come top3, where depends a lot on the games themselves. Player to make the biggest difference will be miNd, if he can do the business with the rifle the team has a fantastic chance of progressing well.

Quote by a.ToOnAs much as I hope they will do well I don't think this team has a great chance of imposing a threat on the big teams just yet. They have a full lineup already and if they have been practiicng well they will hope for a top8 finish but this will probably be a bit too much for them so early after forming and I predict around a 10th place finish. Player to watch will be kaze who has made some big improvement recently, but I feel the effects of overall teamwork will help this lineup more then anything.

Quote by zeroEZeroE is a lineup I personally like just as they are one of the most stable teams in ET today and in reality the games history. Having most of the same core lineup for the last 2+ years is a great feat. I think the team can hope for a top10 position and they are fully capable of that, but with such a competitive field of teams they are going to have to work hard in completing this task. I think denton is a nice talent and can make the difference, but the stability and teamwork this team already have will undoubtedly be a massive bonus, especially against teams lacking team play.

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In the next and last team overview you will be able to read about Germany Anexis, Finland F6, Germany oxid and Europe NBS.

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