I would like to introduce to you the map Base12_bX. I am a "Fanboy" of the Map and I followed the developement since the first Beta version more than one year ago.

I took a look at the map when the splash damage forums pointed it out and myself and the ET-Cup admin team think it has great potential. The map has be tried in the past by our Aussie cousins but didnt go down to well due to fps.

So myself and my admin team have decided to set up a 3 team event on the map to how it will be played, the sort of what Netherlands Stewie organises for new maps.

With the help of Netherlands Stewie, United Kingdom Splodge, United Kingdom Mashed and Poland Esse, we have set up the event which has been scheduled for after the SHG LAN.

So without further ado, i present to you, Base12!

Quote[img|left]http://www.et-cup.net/images/base12/main.jpg[/img]The primary objective is to capture a flag near the first Axis spawn. To reach this goal Allies have to blow the maingate and additionally the side entrance for a second route. In case of a strong Axis defence on the flag, the Allies can then rush through the Side entrance, creep up the stairs and cross the base area to gain control over the CP room. If the Axis CP gets destroyed and the Allies managed to build it, they get an additional forward spawn. This gives the Allies two possibilities to capture a flag spawn.

Quoteimage: door From here they have to now grab a key from inside the axis initial spawn. This could be a problem if the flag isn't captured but if it is, it should be no trouble at all. The key then has to be brought to a lock which in turn opens the gate and then gives the allies entrance to the final stage of the map.

Quote[img|left]http://www.et-cup.net/images/base12/fence.jpg[/img]The second possibility of getting through to the rocket is to satchel the small fence. This can be rebuilt by the axis.

Quoteimage: 3ways1Once all doors are open, the allies now have a chance to blow up the V2 rocket lerking beyond. There are 3 ways to the rocket, each shown in the picture. The first is through the satcheled door talked about in the last paragraph. This would lead you to the upper platform above the rocket. The second is throught a corridor to the left of the forward spawn which brings you out towards the left side of the rocket and the final way is through the axis spawn window or door which brings you to the right or above the rocket.

Quote[img|left]http://www.et-cup.net/images/base12/rocket.jpg[/img]The final objective is now to blow up the V2 rocket before the time runs out.

Okey that`s it, but before I will give you the information on the map, I want to thank Skydeh for helping me with the Post, TF for creating the map, my ET-Cup admincrew, GTV.org guys and all other people involved;

Mapname: Base12_b5
Size: 5,0 MB
Mapper: TF
Forumthread: Base12_b5
Download: Download

Publicserver: Lucky-Bitches Maptest www.Lucky-Bitches.net

TF will release a new Beta within the next days. There he will improve the FPS, create a first Alles downspawn, fix the CP to an Autospawn as well as some Texturechanges!