QuoteKnockback throws your aim off in a way you can't compensate for. Prediction errors are a dime a dozen in ET, it's not a big deal. Yes, they are worse for people with high pings... that's gaming on the Internet for you.

This comment was made by Anonymous Reya1p in a reply to United Kingdom Madscientist discussing ETpro antilag. As you can see in the quote, ET's has a few weird bugs concerning netcode and knockback.

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First of all, how does antilag work?
QuoteAntilag fixes aiming so you can aim at where people were in the past rather than aiming ahead of the player relative to your ping.

Instead of leading your aim, you just play the game and the server will calculate whether you would have hit if you ping had been 0. So when your packets arrive at the server 100ms later, it will just check if you would have hit if the packets had arrived 100ms earlier :P Antilag is a good thing as it will make you aim more accuratly.

Antilag and you
So what does this mean ingame. First we got some minor 'bugs'. Sometimes you get shot behind walls. This is normal as the guy actually hit you before you were going around the corner. Add the 200ms lag and antilag: you die around the corner. The lagger aimed correct, antilag made sure his hits got registred. Keeping this in mind, running toward cover before you die might be a good idea. Along with flying in the direction you were running to, you can try to die behind the corner, maybe get an easy revive as the medic should have no trouble finding cover.

Second, all weapons that aren't hitscan (not nades, riflenade, panzer, mortar = 'weapons that move') are NOT antilagged. SMG and luger might show tracers but these are just an effect not the actual bullets, they hit instantaneous. This means that your ping will somehow affect how they shoot. I never noticed this, and tbh when playing high ping its still easy to hit rockets in quake. All hitscan weapons just become useless, as Quake doesn't use antilag.

Last but not least: Laggers. Curse them, flame them, they have been around as long as ET existed. Antilag evens the battlefield, giving both ping 20 and 40 a somewhat equal chance on the battlefield. As a low pinger it sometimes feels like you are at the disadvantage, but lets kill another myth: low ping > high ping. Still, why do we hate polish players? Lets say the lagger has packetloss. A packet gets lost, get resent. The lost packets + the new packets arrive at the server where they are processed. Although antiwarp stops too many fire commands from beeing accepted at the same time it might be possible more more hits are being registered in a certain amount of time, more then the ET firerate allows for.

QuoteIt's really the same as the getting shot around corners thing.If someone with a high ping starts shooting you, by the time you get hit effects, they will have already fired a number of shots on their end. This does not mean the having a high pinger gives an advantage. As a low pinger your hits should register faster, giving screenshake and knockback way way faster. If you kill the lagger, the last shots they thought they fired don't even count.

Packetloss, lag, high ping. We all hate playing versus such players. But the truth is laggers do not get any advantage. You will 'feel' them differently as their hits and the effect of those hits might be delayed, sometimes even come in tiny bursts. But lagging does not give one an advantage. Low pingers are still way better off.

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Prediction Errors
Knockback causes prediction errors. It's a common misconception that prediction errors and antilag are related. They are however unrelated. Prediction only applies to yourself, everyone else is interpolated between server snaps, known points, or they are extrapolated. Prediction errors cause your aim to be off, no matter how accurate you are aiming. Knockback causes a prediction error for you when you get hit, because the server knows you got moved, but you don't :'( Some might call this a bug, I prefer to call it a feature. Just like screenshake is a part of the game, a gameplay element that gives a decisive advantage to teamplay, strategic positioning, covering fire and crossfire.

Prediction errors get worse if:
-your ping gets higher
-there's a height difference between you and your opponent
-if g_knockback gets bigger (default at 1000, ESL uses 800)
-if you are being hit more (orly?)

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So lets say I'm fighting a guy who is standing higher as me. If I were hitting my opponent would have a hard time hitting me, even if he is aiming right on target. So what could you do if I you knew this?

At close range, preshooting is a good answer. Although you tell your opponent exactly where you are, when executed properly preshooting can save your ass in a lot of 1v1's. Publics really dont encourage you to trust your gamesounds as people will be running around randomly forcing you to check your compass everytime you hear a sound.

At fallofdamage range it is wise to either get the first hit or 'retreat'. If you are getting hit, try to get out of your opponent's track rather then firing back and hitting shit. Ofcourse this might not always be possible, but its nice to keep in mind as an option.

Last but not least the RTCW rule 'shoot at the defenceless guy first, then finish the guys shooting at you' isn't really worth much in ET. When you are getting fired upon, shooting down the helpless targets is not a good choice. Shooting back to give your opponent knockback is the only solution. Even if you manage to kill one guy, getting a gib is impossible, you prolly be dead before you even got a kill.

This collumn wasn't meant to bash antilag. Although I misunderstood it myself at first, antilag has nothing to do with prediction errors. Do not suggest lowering g_knockback even more as its a very big part of the game and reducing it would overpower medics. I tried not to make this a technical rant :P When writing this collumn I was convinced antilag, knockback and prediction errors were related. Luckily some people actually know what they are talking about :P

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Quoteuh, antilag does not cause prediction errors.

Please ... prediction has NOTHING TO DO WITH antilag.