image: playoffs_et versus Polagz

We just saw an unbelievable match between these two teams. Nobody expected Poland PolagZ to perform like this as they were able to give Slovenia a very hard stand!

But first some general information about the match and its facts:

Estonia RELOAd
Estonia Night
Slovenia JaKaZc
Germany drago
Germany Urtier
Germany senji

Poland PolagZ
Poland krein
Poland edain
Poland naga
Poland uf0l
Netherlands aphesia
Netherlands BuLL

These two teams battled it out on Radar, Adlernest and Goldrush.

This map usually is a surety for a thrilling match with nice docruns and hunts. Though this time Slovenia showed why they like to play this map. They did not gave Poland PolagZ a big chance on here after holding the full time at the defence side they rushed the two objectives within a few minutes and gained the two first points for them.

QuoteGermany eiM: Are you satisfied with your recent performance at this lan event?
Germany senji:The groupphase was great. Also radar in our latest match versus PolagZ was nice.

This map was more about an upset in this match. First we had Poland PolagZ on the Axis side and Slovenia pushing for the plant within the first minute. They kept up the pressure and managed to steal the documents just a minute after. Poland PolagZ were not able to get those back and so Slovenia set an impressive time of just above 3minutes.
Now we saw Poland PolagZ jumping down the hill to save their chances to stay within the winner bracket of this competition. They also managed to set the plan within the first minute and due that really had a chance to win this map!
After some nice pushs they finally took away the objective for the first time with less than one minute left on the clock. United Kingdom TosspoT shouting at his microphone as if this would be the Grand Final and rising the pressure on Poland PolagZ's objective carrier.
QuoteUnited Kingdom hentai: When the pressure's was in your most challenging games who do you think will pull you through?
Poland naga:I think either krein or uf0l, as krein will be shouting at us, and uf0l will be calming him down!

Estonia Night was the only one alive when the objective medic made his way through to the transmitter but also he was not able to stop him while only very very few seconds remained on the clock.

The cointoss brought us Goldrush as a decider map. While United Kingdom TosspoT and QuadV unfortunately joined back in a bit too late when Poland PolagZ already stole the tank from Slovenia after a few attacks. But still we saw a very stunning attack by the Poland PolagZ side who at the end set a 8 minute time.
This time it was Slovenia's job to secure their points and stay within the winner bracket. They also stole the tank very fast and kept their chance on winning this map. The #1 Tank Barrier got constructed once but this did not stop them for long.
Though Poland PolagZ managed to get hold on their rushs at the very last stage with a nice Crossfire and some spamm from their side. Slovenia looked pretty much lost for a few minutes and anybody expected Poland PolagZ to take this unexpected win when the clock was down to 2minutes.
But still in a stunning fight Estonia RELOAd made his way up the street while he was being hunt by several Axis players. At the same time Slovenia cleared the truck and stopped Poland PolagZ from building the barrier.
In the end Slovenia had just about a minute to drive that truck home and the crowd was stunned by the shown scenes when the stream broke down and everybody was running to the tables of Slovenia to keep track of things.
Without being distracted from the surrounding crowd Slovenia truly brought that truck home just in time and won the match with 4:2.

QuoteGermany eiM: Are you satisfied with your recent performance at this lan event?
Germany urtier:Though our performance after Adlernest offence was pending against 0. We closely won that match.