The world is gazing down the precipice of a new era, a new future - change. There's a shift in the landscape of the laissez faire heading our way – no, I’m not talking about the incoming Obama administration or the credit crunch; but the future of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The AntiPro developers have created the opportunity for this community to once again shape the direction of their game. They’ve sparked a heated debate, one not seen since the days of XP removal, prone delay or spam limitation, and we should learn from the past. The list of requested changes varies from the minor, to the profound, but they’ll all have an impact on the game we’ve enjoyed for so many years.

In such sensitive times, it’s important the right decisions are made and a consensus reached.

The first move should be to remove the disparity between the ClanBase, Crossfire and ESL configs. People should take a step back from their dogmatic positions, and adopt the conciliatory road laid down by frop all those years ago. The hierarchies of ClanBase and ESL may be at war, in competition, but it needn’t be the way at our level. We’re all volunteers, aiming to serve the same purpose, merely exploiting the resources offered by each respective organisation.

The initial priority should be a standardised European config, from the minor one day cups to the Crossfire LANs. I, here and now, challenge the league admins to begin implementing this – or, if proved impossible, to publically explain their reasoning not to. If this cannot be achieved, what hope is there with a range of new variables heading our way? Only then can real progress start to be made.

Once this has been completed, and a working dialogue between the main organisations created, they should then tackle the future. What do we want from the new mod? What gameplay changes? What bug fixes? What improved features? Where to start?

In doing this, a ‘working group’ should be established, an expansion on the current in-house discussion. Canvassing the top players, the league admins and the masses through columns, journals and debate. As ClanBase Supervisor Cash successfully lead such a dialogue – the current crop are more than capable of following his lead. Discreet discussion within various admin channels (as is already happening) should no longer inflict their vision of fundamental gameplay changes on the masses. Especially when such changes could prove divisive, further splitting and harming the community.

Only with a clear direction can the community give the AntiPro devs a working vision. We’ve a motivated and seemingly skilled team, let us enable them to do their work, and enable us to continue to enjoy the game we’ve come to love.

The debate will be heated, as has already been within the first poll on the subject (nearing 400 comments), but it’s a debate that should be heard, and one that needs to see strong arguments made on both sides. Put your case, put it strongly, put it intelligently and help shape the future of the competitive scene for years to come.

Where to now?