FlyingDJ is a man of astute wisdom and knowledge, a man with many years experience in all things esports - first as a layman, league admin, commentator and later Z list TV personality - and a man who's opinion carries significant weight - but unfortunately, for you and for me, and for the man himself, he's often wrong. He was wrong about Crossfire, he was wrong about Quakecon and by god is he wrong about Groundhog Day. Enemy Territory is not stuck in a perpetual hollywood moment, constantly reliving the same old tired memories - nay that is the heretics Groundhog Day - this Day instead signifies joy, the wonders of a coming spring. A day that brings light, happiness and rejuvenation to an otherwise battered and demoralised world. A day that allows us to begin again, plan anew and move forward.

That is what happened this weekend past. For the first time in years the Crossfire journals were awash with astonished viewers, excited by what they'd just seen. The action was so great it inspired the old battleaxe Kendle, of ETNation and mOO! fame to bemoan the lackluster coverage. So enthralled was he by this new format, these new teams that he watched as Night and his Dignitas team snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in the Grand Final.

A record number of signups, a record attendance, over 1400 people on ETTV and some of the greatest moments in Enemy Territory of all time - what was the X factor, is March during a recession a particularly good time for esports or was there something else?

The Crossfire LAN was not the end. It's the beginning of a new dawn and a new format, the chance for new teams and new competitions, for a new way of looking at this corner of the web. This was the third major LAN competition to have experimented with the 5on5 format; following PGA and Quakecon. I ask you this, what did those three tournaments have in common? Did they all have fantastically close matches? Did they all have upsets? Were they all played at an aggressive and fast paced tempo? Were they all fantastic viewing? Who can forget the preamble to PGA, the Crossfire qualifier tournament and the capitulation of idle and the ravishing of aMenti?

The moments we've shared playing and spectating Enemy Territory 5on5 though rarer than the DJ going muffdiving have all been extraordinary.

FlyingDJ was wrong about Groundhog Day and he's wrong about this - for once, ClanBase & ESL are united - follow them towards a new and fruitful future - be one as a community in laying the foundation for the next and most successful Crossfire Challenge to date - if not for yourself and your own self interest, and the future of this great game - then for nothing more than to prove FlyingDJ wrong, once more.