Welcome to the first interview in a series of many interviews here from shgOpen in Copenhagen, Denmark. My first victim to suffer from bad and annoying questions is the now legendary Perforator and it was carried out at 14:45 Saturday afternooon. His team defining stars, had just won against vae KiH in the winnerbracket quaterfinal and the next match is against zeroPoint in the semifinal.s

So welcome to the hot chair perfo. First could you tell us a little bit about yourself, so that people can get more a acquainted with you?
Hi my name is Jasper and i am a 15-years-old boy from the netherlands. I have been playing the game for 2 and a half years right now and i also played a few other games besides ET such as !uake3 and RTCW.

What is your impression of this LAN and the great city of Copenhagen?
Well the lan is pretty nice, its nicely organised and the et supervisors are keeping the schedule straight so you dont have to wait before you can play :) We havent been in the city center yet, because we were done at 2 o clock in the night last night, but tonight we might go and find a little bar to drink something. But the hostel is in the middle of a part in the town where they are building a lot so it doesnt really look good :P

You have been surrounded with clouds of great mystery and a lot of people has been accusing you of using more than those legendary Perfoheisers. Is that the reason why you are here?
Well actually i came here to play with my friends and my (ex)clanmates such as kris and nonix. Maybe this thing played a role because i ofc ourse wanted to show the online world that i can play without an internet connection as well :P

With your appearance and experience at this LAN, would you recommend other accused cheaters of going to a LAN to prove themselves?
Yeah sure especially if you can bring your own pc! I took my pc with me so the settings aree exactly the same as at home and i can play on almost my full potential or maybe even better.[/i]

Currently you are playing with the mix team defining stars, but what is the current status on cdap - pi, are you guys going to continue playing?
Yes, were gonna continue playing with the same lineup as well (xylos toxic fobje kris snoop perfo). Were currently planning to go to CPC2 as well!

So you came out second in the group play only loosing to dignitas, and just played vae KiH in the quaterfinal of the winnerbracket. Has there been any teams surprising you or is it as expected?
Well most of it came as expected except for the win against dtekt and KiH. Dtekt didnt really play with their full potential and so neither did we, because we didn't have a good night sleep. KiH was simply outstanding, their teamplay was so good so we had to focus on more than just aim. And it worked out with a little bit of luck.

In you next match, you will be up against another strong opponent in the semifinal of the winnerbracket, zeroPoint. You, together with cdap - pi, just lost to them in the EC UB quaterfinal, do you think this team has what it needs to beat them now?
Well they are playing without butchji so they miss one of their regular players. But still those guys boast a lot of skill and teamplay and their team spirit is amazing. I really want to play a good game against them.

Now for some questions taken from the peole in the community:
Netherlands Gewerengerrit: Why did u choose ur nick ?:(
I was playing public under the name ,newbie, and someone killed me with a crewserved mg42. (perforated by ...) so after that I changed my name to p3rf0r4t0r

Belgium jetro: How are the chairs at shgopen? :DD
There is no armrest on the chairs which made me adjust my position a little. But generally they are ok.

Norway snuble: Why is it that all the girls at the lan gather around Snuble and are going to a party with him tonight? do u feel left outside?
Snuble, you are gay.

Thank you for your time and of course you are now able to do some shoutouts if you feel like it :)
Shoutout to cdap, faky, viol silent mize qyz etc.etc.