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Today i got the pleasure to speak to our one and only sexy United Kingdom Splodge
most of the people know him as a Player, Cup admin or most recently, a Shoutcaster. So lets get this interview underway and get to know Splodge.

Hi Splodge, can u introduce yourself to the people that don’t know you?

Hi, I’m James Lodge - commonly known as Splodge. I’m from the South of England and have played or been involved with Enemy Territory for around 2-3 Years now. As well as playing I’ve also admined cups and in recent months I have started off in the world of Shoutcasting.

How did u find out about RTCW/Enemy territory?

I was a bit of a late-comer to the RTCW/ET Scene with me not really playing RTCW and starting gaming in Enemy Territory. When I first got broadband I began to look for games I could play online and I began to play RTS Games such as the Age of Empires Series. I was then introduced to Enemy Territory by school friends so I began playing on 64 man servers on fueldump with unlimited air strikes, landmines and the wonder of XP save and I have never looked back!

Many guys from the et-scene know you as an ET player, but for a while you’ve worked for QuadV as a Shoutcaster, is there any particular reason that u wanted to Shoutcast or was is just for fun in the beginning?

Well I came to a point in Enemy Territory that I wasn’t enjoying playing it as much as I had done before; I was getting more frustrated over games which made me enjoy them even less so I looked for another way to contribute to the game I’ve grown up in and the community around it. First I started running cups and met up with the likes for Anaconda, with my ambition to run events on a larger scale so I applied for a Clanbase Supervisor position. I got down to the shortlist but didn’t get selected in the end which kind of left me on a low in terms of running events. With me not running any cups and me not playing as actively as before I had more free time and started to watch ETTV more often. I really enjoyed listening to Shoutcasts along with the big games and wanted to have a go for myself and see what it was like, luckily the organisation was doing work for, GamersNation, was able to provide me with a small Shoutcast server to use and I tried my first ever shoutcast - which was a disaster! So I tried again and again and began to improve small steps at a time and began to really enjoy what I was doing, even though I recieved critism most of the time, it just made me want to improve even more. I then saw the press release when QuadV started and I applied for a gaming commentator position. A week or two later I found out I had been offered a position there and I saw this as a real opportunity to improve even further due to me working alongside some amazing shoutcasters that were really helpful and offered advice on how to improve. I’m still at QuadV and I’m really enjoying it and hope I can continue to work with them for a long period of time.

At the moment you are shoutcasting Enemy Territory, are we ever going to hear you in a other game

Well I think I’m going to continue in Enemy Territory as my main game for the foreseeable future. Its a game and community that I’ve grown up in and a place where lots of people have helped me and I think its about time I repay the community for what they've given me, But you never know, ET:QW is just around the corner along with some other big FPS Titles in 2007 that all look really exciting so maybe ill try my hand at casting in one of those games too.

Are we going to hear you shoutcasting on this years ET World Cup ?

Yes definitely, I plan to continue my coverage of the Clanbase Eurocup XV as well as the upcoming ET World Cup.

Lots of players look up to other players. With you being a shoutcaster now, do you have a shoutcaster you look or looked up to?

Well I think anyone that starts in something new usually looks up to who they first saw or heard do it. For me I think it was probably TosspoT and I admire his un-relentless energy in his casts, I also really enjoyed listening to Stewie and really hope he comes back to shoutcasting sometime in the future. Mashed is another excellent shoutcaster - if he wasn’t a shoutcaster I think he should become a rapper due to the amount of words he can say per second - its unbelievable. I tried in my earlier casts to replicate parts of other peoples shoutcasts that I had enjoyed the most, but know I’m beginning to work on my own style and working for QuadV has really helped me do that.

We didn’t see you at CPC or CPC2, do you think you will attend CPC3?

I hope so. I’m planning to attend a few LANs this year and I definitely want to add CPC3 to that list so I can finally meet the all the people I’ve talked to and played with online.

If you had 1 wish, what would you wish?

hmm that’s a tough one. I guess it would be for me to be able to pause time so I can savor the best bits of both Online and Offline life and not have to make any sacrifices which I will undoubtedly have to do at some point in the future.

Ok now time for some short questions:

Favorite food

Subway - Meatball Marinara on Italian Bread > *

Favorite drink
Orange Juice

Favorite player
I have many.

Shoutcasting or being Shoutcasted

And the last question that every girl [and boy] wants to know, are you available?
Yes I am available on a Friday night for the small fee of 100 Euros.

Here we are at the end of the interview. Thanks for your time and enjoy yourself at QuadV and whatever you decide to do in the future!

Any shoutouts or people you want to thank?

Shoutouts to all the people at QuadV and GamersNation, Sector, Repsol, Bulldog, Mavrick, Anaconda, Wesbo, Toxic, Leonneke, mesq, zeto, ziff, snot, lio, joop, Alvo, Worm, Kiitos, Arachon, Lakaii and anyone else I forgot!