Now, i'm going to try to be careful when posting this.. as alot of things I seem to post on forums seem to be interpreted the wrong way when I post them ..

I know it's not really an "Interview" but I want people to see this.

Anyway i've decided to quit et, don't think i'll ever play any games online again, because people will just find out about kamz in RTCW2 too.

Apart from the 99.9% of people in this community (who had opinions of me as the takeover kiddy and spamming xfire kid), I met alot of cool people who actually knew me better and didn't assume they knew who I was like others, you know who u all are :)

What can I say, about the lame shit .. believe me u won't understand, I was 15 and a noob in RTCW (name: b2k) and decided to use a wallhack (i knew nothing about the internet, i only just started using it lol my cousin told me about rtcw:D) and that reputation has followed me since.
I was LXG|Twista and MR]|[iMx and frag*KamzZz hoping I could start fresh in ET, but eventually it leaked that I was b2k, and the "rtcw hacker" name was being thrown about again, instead of doing nothing and hoping that people would forget, I decided to continue to be lame with taking over shit and spamming and hacking sites, which is prolly something I regret again as I really didn't think it would stop me from playing in good teams in the future, and I didn't think people would care, just something I thought was funny at the time (boy, was i wrong).
I tried changing my name again and if you ask people about Reapz from m00, they will tell you how much of a nice guy he was, because he never had any reason to flame anybody or any reason to pick an argument with anyone, hence it let me be my true self, but things did not work out with that after the clan went inactive, and my IP was matched to a forum post. As i'm coming clean, I was forced to fake identities out of desperaity (don't know how u spell it:p) to play in big games and played in Team Australia as BlinG and in Team Iceland as Eidur, something that people may consider as lame again, but if ur in my shoes and u want to play big games because u know ur skilled enough too, u would probably have quit or done the same.

I feel I became alot better as a player ever since Sublime was formed and felt I was hardly done by the community, as personally I would have a little bit of understanding if things were the other way around. It's really annoying when you spend time and practise to become better for nothing, because ur kamz, the takeover kiddy and spammer, being excluded from nations cup and eurocup being an example, as (take it as arrogance if u wish, it is nothing but confidence in my own ability as I wasn't saying this before because I wasn't as good) I believe I was more than capable of competing in (just ask players that have played at least 5 scrims with me and have seen me play at my best when i'm warmed up, etc and i'm sure they will tell u this).

hype: "hi can i merc"
random: "no sorry <insert random guy i've never spoke to before or ever heard of here> doesn't want to play with u because he thinks ur a retard.

Also one thing I would like to say is that only prolly 10% of the lame stuff done by someone with the name "KAMZ" was actually me, joining servers and kicking people in et, flaming on ettv with the name ^)KAMZ was not me, I can assure you. The amount of times I got pmed on irc or msn saying "kamz, was that you aimbotting on that public", "was it you who kicked bla bla from this server on ettv", "was it you flaming on ettv", etc, is kinda ridiculous. Alot of people think i like this "most hated" status but I actually don't.

Me quitting ET allows me to spend my time more valueably rather than wasting it becoming better at an online game for nothing, plus I think people will be happy that I've quit, so it's a two way thing, also when people are always saying negative shit to me, it upsets my mood sometimes, so i'd be able to get away from that :[

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed playing ET but felt I needed a new challenge and that would have been eurocups, nationcups, etc and this seems impossible, and i've wasted enough of my time and i'm not about to waste anymore.

Dunno what else to say, people that have my real email can still keep in touch with me, the only time i'd be spending on the internet now is for chatting on msn, completing the 2nd year of my mathematics degree and also I will try to work on my fragmovie, which is really something I wanted to do before I quit. You'll rarely see me on xfire or irc now.

Again, apologies to (almost?) anyone who I ever offended (I say almost because there are actually some people i'm not sorry to because they are impossible to reason with), If I wasn't kamz, I would have no reason to offend anyone, i'm just as normal as any one of you, believe it or not:]

Hopefully, you understand where I'm coming from as I can't put it across any better than I have in this life story:d, to summarize; i'm not a bad person, i'm not a lame person, things just get hurled at me and i retiliate thus making things even more worse.

Ok, everything is off of my chest now, thanks for reading :)

P.S. I never once cheated in an ET war

Bye Bye Community (believe me i'm gone this time).