Ronner and Maverick888, you're both veretans of Crossfire LAN events. How would you would compare this to the previous events?

Ron: Well, there are tonnes of memorable moments on each of the LANs we've been at. I guess CPC1 was most memorable because it was the first time to play on a LAN and the first time to meet the ppl we've known for years. Also added to that I've had most of them in my house the entire weekend and had the most fun you could ever have, from playing tricks on Fliying-DJ at my front door to Potter doing crazy stuff to a sleeping night with a pink toy. If I had to choose one Crossfire Event that I'd want to do again it would be CPC1 I guess, simply because it was THAT much fun. But all the other ones, including this CC5 one are just simply the best fun ever.

Mav: I have visited all the previous events, and played in 3 of them. It's so cool to meet the guys who you know for years, talk to everyday online and visit them once or twice at CPC/CDC/CC. Every LAN has it good moments, so it's hard to choose which one is best. I got the most/best memories of CPC2, been drunk most of the days. The first 3 events I knew most of the guys who were coming, this event i
I only know the 'oldschool players. There are a lot of new teams/players. But there are always new guys coming who you meet for the first time, that's the nice thing about it. Sadly, for the first time, I cant make it the entire event, duty calls soon.

What is it that makes you return time after time to Enschede?

Ron: The people. Period. During the years that I've been part of this community I've come to know a lot of people online and offline and had so many great games and fun nights on ventrilo that it's just impossible for me to not come. Especially because it's in my own country and thus just a 2 hour cardrive away. As long as it's going to be in Holland I will most likely always be there, either playing or speccing, doesn't matter much to me, it's fun all the same.Perhaps even if it's in a country such as England or Scandinavia, I'll still take the time out to get there. It's just the one time per year that you get to meet these people, so hell, I'll go and have a blast.

Mav: There aren't many things each year worth for taking a day off for, but this event sure as hell is one of them. It's almost as if you haven't visited one of the events, you're not completely a part of the community. It's just so much fun every day, drinking beers, telling good ol' stories of previous events and matches. Something I noticed is that some of the guys who never attend, yet post on crossfire, always talk about 'the nerds who come here and have no life' - Well most of the guys I meet every year at these events work and some have kids, like me, and they keep coming back every year for a good time. I wont miss any event for the next 10 years for sure!

Who do you think are favourites for CC5 and why?

Hmmm, this time around it could go all kinds of ways because there are some quite good lineups out there. My money is still on Button-Bashers, though I think that if mamut is in their A-game they could go a long way too. I'm still hoping on an upset from my own team zero-E, they've been playing consistently the past couple weeks, including good results against the top teams so I'm hoping for some exciting games and controversial results!

Mav: That's an easy one, its either mamut or Button-Bashers; much like 95% of the community will tell you. They are quite even; it is a cointoss who will win in my opinion.

Speaking purely from the social aspect, who is it you look forward to meeting each time you attend?

On all lans I've always hung around with 'the usual group' such as Baggiez, Night, Sol, Tosspot, Herbal, Maverick, Gifty, M1lk, BuLL, TeKoa, Azzor, Kitty, Joop and tonnes of others I've come to know throughout the 5 LANs so far. It's not so much that I look forward to meeting a specific person, it's more so that people who I adhere to online are people who I look forward to meeting in person. As long as they are peoplel I get along with online, I'd love to see them on LAN too.

Mav: My answer doen'st differ that much from Ronner's. Most likely that is because we are the Granddaddy's of ET. I look forward on meeting d0ktor again, too bad he isn't coming. I had a hell of a time with him at CPC2.

Anyone who you wish you could avoid?!

Despite the fact that there are plenty of people I can't wait to meet in person, there are also those who I would rather avoid. There are quite a few people whom I simply have nothing in common with. But there in lies the beauty of such a large gaming community.

Mav: Cash, because he keeps breathing in my neck while I'm trying to conduct this interview. Also the German CoD4 players on my left, who are getting rather excited. Besides that I have no problem with any of the people in attendance, apart from Swine ;)

Any players who you've met in the past who you wish were in attendance now?

Ferus without a doubt. I love the guy and had the pleasure of hanging out with him and the others since CPC1 and I'd love to have him here right now. Same goes for Potter and Darky. I wish they were here too, they're awesome players and awesome guys to have fun with.

Mav: There is too many of them: Blaze, Gaso, HNKN, Arachon, Galahad, D0kter, Potter, Darky, Holz, R3vers, Jauhis and last but not least...Ferus. Oh wait, today I talked to Shimmer (a very nice girl from Norway) and once I checked her crossfire profile picture ... damn, I wish she was here!

Any shoutouts either of you wish to make?

Shoutouts ... hmmm.. Most of the people I want to give a shoutout are here actually :) .............. Okay, so shoutout to noorgrin (haven't seen him yet), Christa, Potter, Darky, Ferus and ofcourse all my idiots from dHb that didn't make it to this LAN :P

Mav: When I see people making shoutouts during ETTV matches I always found it noobie ... but because you asked, shoutout to all the guys and girls I forgot to mention.