One of the unluckiest Finland player in history. Now u r about to hear personally what he thinks about his et carrier

1. Hola Swanidius, you are a noname for majority of this community so could u please introduce yourself

Hi, My name is Kalle Henttonen. Im 20 years old with sexybassvoice. I have been playing ET for 6 years now, mostly in FinlandTurbot. I kinda dont have anything else than ET!

2. Could you tell me about ur ET carrier?

Well I started ET when I played habbohotel in year 2003. some guy named "rakalollo" or so told me to test this game. well I tested and now im hooked! I started playing puplic and found my first clan there :) Finland-=SVV=-. We played many offis and we were quite good in battery coz i was sneaky bastard!

Then I sticked with Finlandcotd guys and we played some OC cups 3-4 div. The year 2006 was kinda sad coz i got busted for using nexus in puplic. After that I kinda played only with FinlandtA and Finlandre+play. after all I have played in like 13 CB cups!

3. What is your top moments in ET?

Well getting the 1st EC-quali spot was quite a nice:D but I guess playing with Finland-=SVV=- guys was the best time!

4. What do you think about today's ET scene?

Well... I dont care. EstoniaNight is the best

5. You got 3 ec-qualis behind and no spot. What happened?

Well! The 1st one versus tag was kinda rape. We actually expected to succees better. 2nd one vs EC winner masculine_mans was kinda tight... but no. The latest one is kinda sad story...... played whole day those quali games againts s6, cortana and o6 or what ever it was but we still managed to fuck up it coz me and jawa selfkilled from east.

6. After all these bittery loses does it still make you wanna get ec spot?

For this EC no! Finlandkapaa told me to do something else this time

7. And what is that?

Well I go play with Spaindelinquentes (or atleast now it looks like so) some lower division with my good IRL mate karii:P

By the request of audience:

Is it true that you spend lot of time on supply's tunnels and you like to backrape?

No it's not! But I like to backrape eventhough I dont hit a shit then

There have been rumours that you like to play ET in your summercottage by summers. Do you copy this?

Yes. I got wireless inet there and nobody hits me and I dont hit either. There is no better than ET and summer.

Is it true that you are the most unhit guy in ET?

Yes it is man! eventhough EstoniaFreeze is even more:)

Is it true that you disturb EstoniaNight by msn,irc and you was about to add him on facebook too ?

No. I dont think that I disturb him. I'm pretty sure that he likes me

How many pocals do you have in your Crossfire profile?

I got 101 ETcup pocals only. Check urself

quick questions:

Best player ever? EstoniaNight I dont need to even ask this from him

Best team ever? Finland re+play

Best map? SW_goldrush

Best opponent to play against? Estonia noobs

Are you using a voice changer? No

Who is your best ET mate? Finland Juuti

Thanks for having time for this interview from all ur playing time.

Got any last words?

I just wanted to push down crod's interview :D

And the shoutouts goes only to Estonia Night unexpected!