If you compare the ET community to others - what is our community lacking?

Latvia Clown: A better community site, better online tournaments and more players. Rest is better than most communities I've seen. We have gamestv.org which most games can only dream of and we have quite a few lans compared to some other 8-9 year old games.

England R0SS: Our community is predominantly lacking a leader (old TosspoT style) although Seanza is very good at hosting and organising lans, he isnt around day to day with online tournaments etc. We also lack the sponsors, something that hinders prize pots at lan and online tournament prizes. Sponsors in terms of MGCs as well!

Netherlands saKen: Players, respect, big tournaments, shoutcasters, a large number of competitive teams and a non-sheepish crowd!

Finland twidi: Our community is heavily lacking in new blood. The problem for a long time has already been that old players are leaving the game and very few new players are joining the community, which is why the size of the community is declining drastically. Size of the community has effect on all the big things like amount of tournaments, involvement of money and sponsors and level of competition.

United Kingdom Merlinator: Main thing I have always noticed (this is not a recent thing - ongoing) is the lack of togetherness of teams. IE teams will form for LAN 1month before hand, playing online with totally different lineups, play LAN disband and rinse repeat the next season. Its a shame - it doesnt create any team spectacle for matchups and performances / improvements. Also the contributions community wide are quite weak right now, ETLive may help that with fresh blood (perhaps?) time will tell I guess.

Germany urtier: I don't think there's anything wrong. The ET community seems to be extremely open compared to CS, CoD or QL. You got your usual trolls, idiots and trashtalkers everywhere. A tad more professionalism would be nice. I think Dignitas/Blight made good attempts back then. Also Anexis (apart from the colorful tag) had a good attempt. Rockit seems to think a little about their presentation and so do others. However you still got (or had) teams that simply don't think about their behaviour, the damage they do to their team and clan and to the ET community in the end. I think what's really needed (and what has been done in the past a few times) is getting ET and events on other larger gaming pages (Tek9, Esreality, Cadred, readmore, fragster (no idea if all of them even still exist)). ETLive could certainly help attracting spectators, if not there need to be streams with shoutcasts.

Portugal ag0n: First of all, our community lacks respect. People do not respect each other anymore. The so called highskillers think they are above everyone else, the lowskillers are afraid of better enemies. At my time, i didn't mind to play vs a higher clan and get massively raped, considering i would learn something new everytime. A new way to face them. Nowadays they are just afraid. We also need new players, but with soo much whine and retards, it's hard to captivate new players. We need more initiative, competitions (worthy ones! CB lost it's quality... we need more BFB cups), even some competition for moviemakers or some other sort of art, more modesty, better cup admins...

Norway Domi: There aren't that many things I find our community lacking - we're "active", well, those that still hang around and motivated. We are just lacking population!

United Kingdom fumble:I don't know much about other communities so I'm just gonna say shoutcasters.

Australia biggz: Team rivalries, the community has lost the great rivalries of times past. Single line-ups and clans that used to play together season upon season. idle vs impact, modus operandi against adversus, these were the kind of matches that would draw the masses. Smack talking pre-match write ups followed by vindicated responses in post-match reports.
Even at lower levels there would always be teams that had been around for ages that used to duke it out and those teams would have their own little following going on too. It might sound a bit odd to put the above in the 'what is the community lacking' department but it was that exact formula that gave people the drive to want to play every week, every night so they could beat "that" team or support their favorite "super team".

Slovakia FiLuS: I can't compare ET to any other community, simply because I haven't part of anything else. But from my experience - ET community does not really lack anything. However, we are losing passionate people who were willing to make great things happen (lans, projects with promoting ET teams and getting them MGC support, major online events), but this is simply because of players loosing interest in this game in general (old players getting bored and little to no new players stepping in). ET had a good run, some would say suprisingly long run, and it's still somehow running, we should enjoy while we can.

Germany kReSti: When i remember the old times where i used to play low+/med i registered here on crossfire and was like every1 hour browsing the site to read the journals,forums,news etc... there were so much information and usefull journals where people actually talked about our beloved game ET... nowdays iam not even checking crossfire so much.. like 1 time per day when iam at home.. if you open crossfire you will only see journals about some content where nobody really cares and is not "Crossfire - ET" realeated.. another point is that ( Troll, retardet,childish ) behaviour of alot of people here. I dont know what the hell they are doing.. commenting bullshit 24/7 on crossfire.. like " nerds playing at that time" or " get life" it makes me so mad to read this every single day... instead of some interesting journals like in the past....

Czech Republic t4Mj: Activity and players. ET had a brand new AC few years ago, ESL/CB are supporting other games aswell, so the biggest enemy of ET is the activity and the lack of players. For me ET is a hard game on aiming and a lot of people are discouraged cause they're getting killed.