Europe 'xD Trickjump
Lineup: Netherlands Sebhes, United Kingdom Shaman & Finland Sherclock

Trickjump come into the tournament after dropping out of the seeding tournament in LB Round 5 to Germany credibilis with a 4-2 result. This gave them a top 4 finish in the seeding and a good chance of qualifying in the group stage. The entire team have played together for a while so they will have a bit of an advantage over the majority of the teams regarding team play and team chemistry and at LAN these are probably some of the most important factors in taking wins. asDX and 8bits will be the main contenders in the group stage, with Trickjump probably having the edge due to their performance, team play and team chemistry.

Team MVP: United Kingdom Shaman
Very underrated player within the UK scene, Shaman has proved that he can bring big sprees and damage to the fold in 6on6 game play which will help his team a lot in the more shooting based 3on3 game type.

Hungary 8bits
Lineup: Hungary Fobje, Hungary sebi & Netherlands Testi

8bits have struggled in recent weeks to string together some results but have seemingly been putting in some time and effort to improve their fortunes. The group stage will give them the opportunity to put that effort to the test where they will look to qualify to the playoffs by working hard as a team. 3rd/4th place in the group is a good target for the team with asDX & Trickjump standing in their path.

Team MVP: Hungary sebi
sebi is an important player in his teams at 3on3 or 6on6 level as he will likely in-game lead as well as providing some of the bigger stat numbers for each game. The ability to do both is very difficult, he will have to be at the top of his game to lead his team into the playoff stages.

Europe asDX
Lineup: United Kingdom crumbs, Germany eujen & Sweden Tites

The team were without crumbs for the seeding tournament and seemingly didn't manage to play all their games. The team has probably not had a great deal of time to practice together as they have 6on6 commitments and will need to work extremely well together come game time in the group stage of the LAN. Group qualification is likely to happen if the team play well together, they will likely be battling it out with Trickjump & 8bits for 3rd & 4th spot in the group.

Team MVP: United Kingdom crumbs
crumbs has proven multiple times that he is one of the better all-round players in ET. His team will need him to be on top of the shooting side of his game as some top aimers are involved in the 3on3 tournament.

Europe Catinahat
Lineup: Netherlands Freddy, Finland Rsp & Finland smak

The CIAH squad come into the event with the aim to surprise and hopefully make it out of the group stage. Although having problems online things can change a lot when it comes to LAN and they could surprise asDX or 8bits and jump into 4th if the team plays well together. Unless they pull off a surprise they will likely finish just outside of the top 4.

Team MVP: Finland smak
Putting up the bigger numbers for his team, a lot will rest on his shoulders. He will need not to just let his performance NOT drop, but if anything take it to another level for his squad to have any chance of qualifying for the playoff stages.

Poland Coffee Time
Lineup: Poland Baczo, Poland Pablo & Poland Sinnsyk

Coffee Time find themselves in the same spot as CIAH where they will have to perform very well and pick up surprise wins against asDX, 8bits & Trickjump - beating CIAH is of the utmost importance for this team and it is quite likely whoever loses that match up will finish at the bottom of the group unless something magical happens.

Team MVP: Poland Baczo
Quite like smak for CIAH, Baczo will be called upon to go big for his team to give them any chance of making it into the playoffs. Performances online have been pretty good so far but coming up against such quality opponents will put Baczo on the spot on a regular basis and he will have to reply with everything he has.

Germany credibilis
Lineup: Germany FiREBALL, Germany KRESTi & Germany s1LENT

Credibilis come into the tournament as one of the favorites not just to win the group but the 3on3 tournament itself. The team have played together for a long time so know each other very well and have also have a bit of time to shake off a bit of rust coming into the LAN. They will most likely battle it out with SICK3 for top spot in the group but will no matter what the outcome look to push on and at a very minimum secure a top 3 finish in the playoffs.

Team MVP: Germany KRESTi
The German has been back to his best in recent weeks and playing with familiar faces will help him a lot, he was in utter destruction mode in the 6on6 portion of the seeding tournament and will look to continue that dominance. As long as KRESTi is shooting well, his team will bring a certain level of play that will be hard to deal with for anyone.

Europe SICK3
Lineup: Finland Matias, Finland Salaneuvos & Finland twidi

The all Finnish lineup have been putting in the time to mainly get back to former levels of play. They will battle it out with credibilis for top spot in the group as they are also one of the front runners in taking top spot in the tournament. LAN performances from these players are renowned for being of the highest level, it will be down to how well they have prepared.

Team MVP: Finland Salaneuvos
Playing most games with a solid 100 ping LAN will give Salaneuvos quite the individual boost and this could help him take his game to the next level. Although Matias would likely take this spot he has had to break past a huge time inactive but we saw slight sparks of the Finn we use to know in the last couple of weeks. Sally will take a lot of pressure off of his team mates if he can bring an improved performance at the event.