Lineup: Belgium PlAyer, Finland Swanidius and Netherlands vanQ

erAse will look to use their surprise in 6on6 to perhaps upset the 3on3 LAN tournament. The team should make it into the top4 in the group stage and need to use it as a bouncing platform into the playoffs. Team performance will be key to their finishing position - they all have good level of individual skill and ability so as long as they gel for the event, with what is probably limited team practices, they could surprise and make it into the Top 3.

Team MVP: Finland Swanidius
Swanidius has been at the end stages of a plethora of 3on3 tournaments in the past 18months and his experience and game play will be very important for the his teams chance in the tournament. The Finn brings an unusual and underrated game style that normally gives his team that extra time to play with, defuses and cheeky barrier builds are the norm and we will likely see such events during the tournament.

Netherlands team - visual
Lineup: Netherlands GiZmOo, Netherlands outlAw & Netherlands iNsAne

The teams performance in the seeding tournament raised a lot of eyebrows especially considering the teams recent past, with players currently or previously serving bans for cheating. Although performances will not prove the legitimacy of the team they will still aim to upset in the playoffs if they make it out of the group stage. A Top 3 finish could be on the cards for the team and their biggest rivals will likely be erAse.

Team MVP: Netherlands GiZmOo
A lot may be asked of GiZmOo depending on how his team mates perform during the event and as long as the Dutchman can play as well as online then his team could surprise, yet again, in the playoffs of the LAN tournament.

Europe Queens
Lineup: United Kingdom razz, Germany stRay & United Kingdom sqzz

Queens are a long standing team with a lot of 3on3 history as these 3 players hvae played together a lot of times. They will be aiming for top spot in the group as well as at least a spot in the Grand Final, no doubt - these targets are achievable as long as they can replicate their performances online.

Team MVP: United Kingdom razz
razz has been a mainstay in ET history and is used to finishing in top3 positions of any tournament he takes part in. A player who brings a lot of bark but equal bite will look to help his team push on from the group stage and win the tournament in the playoffs, anything less will likely be seen as a failure for the Scotsman. His experience and top level game play will ensure a minimum performance as an individual and this will be something that not many teams can guarantee.

Netherlands Talented
Lineup: Netherlands Bossah, Netherlands mAxwell & Netherlands Thomm1e

Talented will have to bring their A game and then some in the group stage to have any chance of taking maps and perhaps games off of top teams in the group. The Dutchmen may well just look to enjoy the tournament and what they can get from it

Team MVP: Netherlands mAxwell
mAxwell had some decent performances in the seeding tournament but some of the players he is going to come up against in the group stage will test his skills to the limit. Team performance will likely be the most important thing but a big performance from mAxwell would not go amiss.

Poland trivium mitro
Lineup: Poland Abject, Poland dialer & Poland lesti

The Polish teams ability and potential is slightly overshadowed by the recent ban of Abject within the team. The team have some top players regardless and will look to battle for a top 3 finish but will have teams like erAse and visual standing in their way. As long as they can approach each team properly they have the potential to pull off a real upset and win the tournament.

Team MVP: Poland Abject
Abjects performances online have been of the highest quality but after the controversy regarding his ban and the constant plea of innocence a microscope will be on his every move during both 3on3 and 6on6 tournaments. He should count himself lucky he is actually allowed to play as this has never been the case in the past for banned players, if he can replicate the top performances he has made then his team will have a good chance of battling for a top3 place.

Netherlands craze
Lineup: Germany Ava, Netherlands hybrAtek & Netherlands L4mpje

Craze make up the second team from the team visual 6on6 lineup and will most likely battle it out with their team mates for a playoff position. Having played together in 6on6 these three players will all know each other well and that will help them in their hopes to make it into the playoffs.

Team MVP: Netherlands hybrAtek
hybrAtek can bring some top individual performances although sometimes sacrificing team performance in the mean time, as long as he can be consistent with his performances it is possible for his team to upset.

Netherlands Chromic
Lineup: Netherlands Bigsmoke, Netherlands Hellgast & Netherlands Terifire

With such high quality players and teams Chromic will likely battle it out with Talented to not finish bottom of the group although if underestimated by opponents they could take maps and pontentially make or break some teams chances of making the playoffs. The team will mostly be on damage control and will look towards the match up against talented as the all or nothing game for the LAN.

Team MVP: Netherlands Hellgast
Chromics potential performances all reach the same sort of level but Hellgast can seemingly bring those performances more consistently. Consistency is one of the most important things to have at a LAN event and Hellgast will need to bring just that and maybe a bit more for his team in the group stage.