Lineup: Belgium Buzzer, Netherlands esSe, Germany eujen, Belgium PlAyer, Finland toNi & Netherlands vANQ

erAse were a major surprise in the seeding tournament and managed to book themselves a top3 finish - if they can do the same on LAN it will go down as a major upset although not hugely surprising - the team themselves work supremely well together and pack quite a punch in the aim department too. Having a skilled rifle as well makes them an all-round force to be reckoned with and another Top3 finish could be very likely.

Team MVP: Finland toNi
the performances of the Finn will be very important in the potential placement of his team, being a great rifle at times online he will need to do his best to repeat these performances at the event. toNi as the ability to turn a situation on its head and can rival the other top rifles in the tournament which is a great boost to his erAse team-mates.

Lineup: Germany Bl4d3, Germany FiREBALL, Germany FLoPJEHZ, Germany KRESTi, Germany sTOWNAGE & Germany stRay

The Germans are true dark horses in the tournament and perhaps will see their 4th place in the seeding as a bit of a set back. LAN is a whole different thing and they normally bring top performances offline as a team. The squad boasts a great mix of team play, aim and spam but will need to keep stRay up on his feet as that seemed to be a very minor weak point within the team when it came ot objective play.

Team MVP: Germany KRESTi
Just like in the 3on3 KRESTi will need to bring the big performances for his team and he was definetly peaking in the seeding tournament getting multi frags left, right and centre. He was also doing some great work as a medic during the placement and this performance will have to continue to ensure he team make it as far as possible.

Poland To Make Odds Even
Lineup: Poland Abject, Poland blk, Poland dialer, Poland Frag'Stealer, Poland lesti & Poland Lockheed

tMoe are a familiar name at LAN and the team will do everything to represent their country as best as possible - knowing them from previous events anything less than a LAN win will not be tolerated and they will be gunning for gold - their performances will have to improve drastically though as they have struggled to really get things going in the lead up to the LAN.

Team MVP: Poland Frag'Stealer
Frag'Stealer has performed at top level at previous LAN events and will need to repeat such performances this time around as well for his team - hopefully he has managed to shrug off the inactivity issues he will no doubt have faced in the weeks leading upto the event.

Europe Catinahat
Lineup: Netherlands Freddy, Finland Rsp, Norway Sinche, Finland smak, Finland Swanidius & Netherlands woott

CIAH are a nice bunch of guys who find themselves in a tough spot in Group A - although the likeliness of them qualifying is small they could upset or maybe determine where other teams finish in the group and will likely aim for top spot in the consolation tournament as there main goal at the LAN.

Team MVP: Finland Swanidius
Swanidius is a top level player but will attend and play the 6on6 tournament with a more fun bunch of guys as his usual team mates were unable to muster a team together. As mentioned in the 3on3 MVP info Swani has his own defined style of play which sometimes goes overlooked by opponents but the influence will not be lost on his team mates. As long as the Finn stays sober he could help his side surprise someone in the group stage.