Europe SICK6
Lineup: Finland Iron, Finland Matias, Finland Salaneuvos, Netherlands SQuid, Malta toxic & Finland twidi

SICK6 are on of the favourites to win the event overall and will look to get off to a good start in the group stage. Narrowly finishing in second place in the seeding tournament they showed everyone that Rockit are perhaps not the unstoppable force that people though they would be by dropping them into the lower bracket. The SICK6 team will undoubtedly be disappointed they went on to lose the top seed in the grand final but they will have at least gained some confidence leading up to the event. Individual performances also seemed to improve quite a bit with some players in the last week or so and perfect timing too.

Team MVP: Malta toxic
toxic is pretty much known as one of the best players on a LAN stage and his all round ability fits perfectly into the balanced SICK6 team. He will need to utilise all parts of his game to help his team to glory and the panzer will be a heavy part of that arsenal as shown in the seeding tournament.

Europe TAG
Lineup: Netherlands aphesia, United Kingdom crumbs, Netherlands joop, Poland Kirej, Netherlands Lightning & United Kingdom med1xza

TAG have had some issues in recent weeks and will hope everything slots into place at LAN. A team of players that know and have played against and with each other over years they would easily have an outside chance at winning the event but with such inconsistency leading into the event you would have to count them out, but maybe a top3 finish could be on the cards.

Team MVP: United Kingdom med1xza
Very underrated he has done great things for TAG in the last few weeks even with the team under performing overall. Able to pick up huge mega kills on defence and attack he can open up a stage in seconds. Being a great team player as well will improve the performances of all of his team as well.

Lineup: Germany drago, Slovenia JaKaZc, Sweden feruS, Estonia Nait, Netherlands Ronner & Germany urtier

idle is a name familiar with anyone and everyone who has been in the ET competitive scene as a player or spectator. Unfortunately the team has not had a great deal of time to practice for the event but with such vast experience you can never count them out and they cold surprise one or two teams. I think a top 5 position is a good aim with the lower bracket specialists being the kings of knockout pressure.

Team MVP: Estonia Night
Night is one of the best players to have ever played the game without doubt. A lot will rest on his shoulders for how his teams fortunes will go, being a player who can play almost any role or position will help a lot and just like toxic I would not be surprised if we saw the panzer get brought out quite a bit.

Hungary 8bits
Lineup: Poland Blo0dje, Hungary Fobje, Netherlands jesse, Netherlands ratte, Hungary sebi & Netherlands Testi

8bits struggled in the seeding tournament and now see themselves with a huge uphill struggle in the group stage of the tournament. Although not qualification is not impossible they will have to play very well to beat any of their opposition in the group but would be a good bet for winning the consolation tournament if they didn't make it through.

Team MVP: Hungary sebi
sebi brings consistent numbers in wins or losses and consistency is king at LAN as previously stated. If he can bring such consistency and potentially improve on it he could help his team upset in the group stage and make it through to the playoffs. I think sebi also does some leadership roles within the 6on6 format and that makes his individual consistency that more impressive.