Germany Team Rockit
Lineup: Belgium chry, United Kingdom koop, Netherlands M1lk, Scotland razz, United Kingdom R0SS & Wales sqzz

Rockit secured top spot in the seeding tournament after initially dropping down to the lower bracket to SICK6. They came back in the Grand Final where they won 7-1 and will use that result as motivation to take, what many would guess, top spot at the LAN. The team boasts a lot of experience and some nice balance with great leadership in the form of United Kingdom R0SS.

Team MVP: United Kingdom koop
Although R0SS will be the most important player in the team regarding overall team performance, as an individual koop will probably be one of the bigger performers at the entire LAN. With such quality players around him koop still manages to put up huge numbers with a great style.

Netherlands team - visual
Lineup: Germany Ava, Netherlands GiZmOo, Netherlands hybrAtek, Netherlands iNsAne, Netherlands L4mpje & Netherlands outlAw

The team did well to finish in 6th place in the seeding tournament but will face big competition from Rockit to take top spot in the group. They will aim to qualify and upset again in the playoffs where a potential top6 place could happen again. The team seems to work well together and have some nice individual talent, they will need to repeat online performances to have a chance of reaching the later stages of the playoffs.

Team MVP: Netherlands L4mpje
The Dutchman has played very well at LAN before and although he will at times be rifle in hand he will need to bring top performances at this LAN as well for his team to reach their potential. With the smg he can be lethal and he showed in the seeding tournament that he has a few tricks up his sleeve with the rifle as well.

Europe 'xD Trickjump,
Lineup: Netherlands 7ele, Croatia Arma, Netherlands mAxwell, Netherlands Sebhes, United Kingdom Shaman & Finland Sherclock

Trickjump crashed out of the seeding tournament and will likely see team visual as their one real hope of making it out of the group stage. Even if they don't make it they will put up a good fight in the consolation tournament which could easily go their way, depending on who they have to face there. I doubt the prospect of their opponents will change much for the team who can bring some high level performances and if underestimated will make opponents pay.

Team MVP: Netherlands 7ele
The Dutch rifle is one of the more talented riflers at a LAN with some very prominent names behind the weapon. Sneaky plays and big impact shots are what he can bring and he will look to deliver the highest standard of play possible to help his team win anything and everything they can.