These are all of the personal preference settings and can be found in the ShooterGame.ini. For most of the settings in this config I recommend that you change them in the in-game menu to what you want, play a match/round, close the game and then change the config to Read-Only. This way the file won't be affected anymore by patches and other random things and you're preferences will be saved. There are some commands that fall outside of this ruling and I will go over them here.


This file includes the simple FOV commands, PlayerDefaultFOV and DefaultFOV. So you can change them here if you want to. Keep in mind that Unreal Engine 3 uses Vertical FOV! So 100 FOV in DB is not equal to 100 FOV in ET. A guideline-rule is that 73 in Dirty Bomb is equal to ~105 in ET. I will include a FOV calculator in the Sources Page for more exact numbers, but keep in mind that having the same FOV will still feel different due to the Vertical FOV.

DeathInfo aka the "I'm Dead Laser Show"

When you die in Dirty Bomb, there is HUD system known as the "DeathInfo" that shows who killed you, from where and with what weapon. This is pretty neat feature but some players, including myself, have this "Laser Show" turned off completely* to prevent HUD clutter. Experienced players have enough map awareness to know where people are anyway. The commands are:

  • m_bEnablePawnGhostSystem=False
  • m_bShowDeathInfo=False

* = There is a known bug that dieing from explosives cause a 'partial death info' with only showing the red and blue ghosts. Ignore these until there is a fix.