So that is for now all I am able to share with you all. I hope all this give you a basic insight into DB and it's community and you can work your way around and up from there. I might do a future tutorial/article with more advanced info like scripting and more in-game if people ask for it but like I said at the start, most in-game things are very self-explanatory and are learned by simply playing the game. Now for the absolute last part of this piece I will list all my sources and give credits to people. I will include some links that have useful information but that I didn't mention(they will speak for themselves). Remember DB is very tweakable, so back your files up and play around with things and be creative. Especially the HUD file are very interesting if you can figure out how they work so share your creations on Reddit(I'm working on trying to replicate ET's HUD to some degree myself :D.


Commands, In-game Settings(tweak documentation as-well)

Mouse and FOV calculator

Developper information

Credits(and configs)

France Kroad
For his version of the FPS config:

Germany Oxy/Newb
For his find for the "RawInput still feels broken" fix.

Canada prophet
For his research into scripting

United States of America Raziel Warmonic & Canada oen
For their involvement in DirtyCups.GG
(I recommended joining their steamgroup, they often do announcements if they are in need of a couple of players for pug if the waiting time is slightly longer(usually not long at all))

Australia preshr
FPS Config

United States of America Tact1c!?p=531789&viewfull=1#post531789
Stutter fix

Random interesting links

Twitch DB page

Norway Syku's WeaponDMG spreadsheet
(keep in mind this sheet might be subject to change)

United States of America Team Fate's (F8|) Loadout Card Tool
This is based of Zenity's List of Loadouts project which you can find here:
(again these are subject to change)

Dirty Bomb most accurate Wiki

Netherlands Wezelkrozum HUD Configurator

Germany outc1der's centered HUD

Dramatist/Zedii's Centered HUD
(Find him on IRC in #dirtybomb as Zedii, he makes custom HUDS if you want something specific he's your guy)

Feel free to ask questions, discuss if you disagree with something or say it if you feel something is inaccurate. And of course have fun playing dirty!

Additions and Change log:
4-6-2015: Added SetFOVSensitivityScale to the Input Settings page.
5-6-2015: Added Streams and VoDs Page.
6-6-2015: Updated the 'Clearer Visuals' section, added MaxParticleVertexMemory.
20-6-2015: Added Stutterfix to Graphics Settings.
25-6-2015: Added [ShooterGame.SGPlayerInputPawn] clarification, thanks douille.