#exitium.et 3on3 Cup #3

Here we are again, with another edition of #exitium.et 3on3 One Day Cup, which I hope will bring epic battles once more among the participating teams and give us some nice entertainment. For this edition I decided to run some mix of maps, including at first round always tense adlernest, while for second round players will have to shown their knowledge at new edition of erdenberg_t1, as for the last, whoever manages to get there, will enjoy playing this map even more if he's RTCW fan, as et_ice will decide the best teams fighting for Grand Final.

image: exitium-cup.4619

Hopefully all this made you decide to participate in this edition of exitium.et cup, so don't hesitate and head below to read all important information regarding the cup rules, maps, schedules and the rest that's important for you and your team, but beware that the winners won't rest and let you win it on an easy way, as I'm sure the last winners Belgium Belgium Azur Netherlands Adeto and Belgium ViKO will have something to say about that.

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Cup date: Monday the 24th of June 2013, 20:00 CEST
Team format: 3on3

Additional information:
ETTV: Yes ( Grand Final )
Shoutcast: No

By signing-up you agree with the rules set for this cup, which can be viewed here.

The maplist is the same as the newly published ClanBase 3on3 ladder maplist:

• adlernest
• braundorf_b4
• erdenberg_t1
• et_beach
• et_ice
• et_ufo_final
• frostbite
• sp_delivery_te
• supply
• sw_goldrush_te

Miscellaneous information:
Check-ins from 19:45 CEST onwards
Sign-ups till 19:59 CEST
Brackets at 20:00 CEST

Round 1: adlernest
Round 2: erdenberg_t1
Round 3: et_ice
Final: Both maps are selected through elimination cycle

The Grand Final will be played on ETTV and is Bo3.

For any additional assistance or questions you can query me at #exitium.et@quakenet under the name "Aniky"

Click here to sign up

idle #exitium.et

Grand Final

image: game41479

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