DoubleDutchDragons ODC #1

Double Dutch Dragons

Be sure to participate
Frag hard, or die tryin'

image: dragons_logo

Cup date: Thursday the 19th of June, 20:00 CET (GMT +1)
Sign up link:

Team format: 6on6

Additional information:
Broadcast: Yes
Shoutcast: No

The mappool for the Double Dutch Dragons cup are:
  • adlernest
  • bremen_b3
  • frostbite
  • karsiah_te2
  • missile_b3
  • radar
  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te

Round 1: radar
Round 2: sw_goldrush_te
Semi Final: karsiah_te / Loser's choice
Grand Final: both teams pick a map from the mappool

Netherlands timbolina /q timbolina

Miscellaneous information:
Signups till 19:59 CET (GMT +1)
Check-in start from 19:30 till 19:59 CET (GMT +1)

If there are any questions that are not listed in the text above, please contact an admin.

image: web
image: ts
image: mircna #gMen
Why this decision? To rename and everything?
avi 4 this pm
Good luck. We will participate in the following ODC's. Unfortunately, this one is just for my examens.
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