Anti-Ebola 3on3 One Day Cup

Anti-Ebola 3on3 One Day Cup!

Cup date: 11.11.2014
Cup starting time: 21:00 CET (GMT +1)
Cup format: 3on3
Cup channel: @Quakenet


- adlernest
- braundorf_b4
- et_ice
- frostbite
- sp_delivery_te
- supply
- sw_goldrush_te

Cup information:

Signups till 20:59 CET (GMT +1)
Check-in start from 20:45 till 20:59 CET (GMT +1)

Round schedule:

Round 1: supply
Round 2: sp_delvery_te
Round 3: braundorf_b4
Round 4: adlernest*
Final: Both teams pick a map (ETTV)


Sign up link:

Cup channel:
Admin: SleePy`
Nice, so many good samaritans ...
People have no heart :(
Good initiative. Raise money for ebola!
EBOLA was made by U.S.A like VIH in past , they have secret vaccine , but the bad health on Africa or some other poor country is just perfect for american power !! why you think Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol was infected in Liberia , transfered to Atlanta hospital and now they are better and taking back their old life !!
You need to understand the disease is already a way to make money , if now you think giving money for find solution to this EBOLA you wrong , the solution already exists , but not for useless peoples in society and without purchasing power , this is what Americans think about it !!

Nice cup !!
You have brought it to the point.
nice cup thanks
Thanks for the cup
You are hero in my eye
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