Late Summer Series by ESL

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Summer Series Overview
The ESL will host several cups for the 3on3 and 6on6 format based on the teams' skill level. Therefore it is important that you do send in a rating!


image: detailsblack123 Free for all
image: detailsblack123 8 slot cups
image: detailsblack123 skill based cups
image: detailsblack123 double elimination

image: detailsblack123 First Matchweek:
image: detailsblack123 30th July- 5th August

Sign Ups:
image: detailsblack123 Now- 26th July

Cups online:
image: detailsblack123 27th July

Time to swap a division:
image: detailsblack123 till 29th July


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image: signup
image: ratings
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No 2on2??

It looks like the interest on playing 2on2 format has went down. Nevertheless you can convince us to bring it back! Just vote yes and we will set up a 2on2 tournament if there is enough interest!


If you need help feel free to send in a Support Ticket or ask an admin via (quakenet). In case of an emergency, feel free to send me a private message with team id and rating via the 911 Button!
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