OCL ET Weekly Challenge #1

image: OCLET6vs6Challenge1_zpsd20df0a1

We will be hosting a 6vs6 one day challenge on Thursdays every once in a while if it will be a succes. Their might even be some small prices involved, but this depends on the teams signing up so get your ass signed up now!

It will be single elimination brackets BO1 untill the semi finals.

Make sure atleast one member of your team idles in #ocleague.et @ Quakenet on IRC.

The mappool which we will use for the OCL ET Weekly Challenge is the same as the NC XVI mappool:
  • Adlernest
  • Bremen_b3
  • Frostbite
  • Radar
  • Supply
  • sw_Goldrush_te

Signup: Open
Check-in: 24/01/2013 - 19:30CET till 19:59CET
Brackets online: 24/01/2013 - 20:00CET

Round 1: Frostbite
Round 2: Bremen_b3
Round 3: sw_Goldrush_te
Semi final: Radar/loser's choice
Grand final: both teams pick their map of choice(must be included in the mappool)

We require a minimum of 8 checked-in teams to make the challenge start.
We do NOT require a full team with TZAC ID's filled in for this challenge.

OCL System Guide (click on show hidden text below)
Matches will be generated on the pending page.
Pick a time as soon as your match is shown, and don't forget to submit the scores afterwards or pm the score to an admin in #ocleague.et!
Remember that this is an onedaycup so you will need to set the time right away!
Make sure you check out the guideline "Process Match" before you insert the matchscores, you can find it at http://ocleague.com/guidelines.php . If problems or questions join up to the irc channel!

Register an account and create your team to be able to signup at the signup page.
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