#exitium.et 3on3 Cup #2

I am proud to announce the second edition of #exitium.et One Day Cup, as the last one was quite successful I decided to run it this time again in the 3on3 format, to bring the joy and competition among the community again. But beware, as this time the RTCW players will get their shot for glory, as et_ice will be played at the first round, while Frostbite will be the map players will battle on in the second round.

image: exitium-cup.4619

If all this makes your fingers itching already, make sure to compete and sign-up in this edition of #exitium.et cup and join the ranks of the best teams fighting in nothing but Grand Final, but beware that you will have to beat the likes such as Poland upload Poland wassabi France yokoo who won the first edition of the cup.

I'm sure that by now everyone cant wait to know the details of this cup, so lets head on and review everything that you need to know for participating in this cup.

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Cup date: Tuesday the 18th of June 2013, 20:00 CEST
Team format: 3on3

Additional information:
ETTV: Yes ( Grand Final )
Shoutcast: No

By signing-up you agree with the rules set for this cup, which can be viewed here.

The maplist is the same as the newly published ClanBase 3on3 ladder maplist:

• adlernest
• braundorf_b4
• erdenberg_t1
• et_beach
• et_ice
• et_ufo_final
• frostbite
• sp_delivery_te
• supply
• sw_goldrush_te

Miscellaneous information:
Check-ins from 19:45 CEST onwards
Sign-ups till 19:59 CEST
Brackets at 20:00 CEST

Round 1: et_ice
Round 2: Frostbite (if 16 teams)
Round 3: et_beach (if 32 teams)
Final: Both maps are selected through elimination cycle

The Grand Final will be played on ETTV and is Bo3.

For any additional assistance or questions you can query me at #exitium.et@quakenet under the name "Aniky"

Click here to sign up

idle #exitium.et

I saw Exitium, I was like, wat pds wat? But no :{

Sick logo btw
that cheater fag when we were playing without pb :P

cant forget
nice, gl with it :)
xD this cup is map pool is made for me and karma ahahaha
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