#exitium.et 3on3 Cup

It has been a while since last exitium cup was hosted, so i decided to bring it up and make the name familiar among the community again. Many of u remember the team and the players marking history of this incredible community, so now it's time to feel it yourself first hand by competing in this edition of the 3on3 Cup.

image: exitium-cup.4619

I took this opportunity to host the cup, as Clanbase recently published updated 3on3 ladder maplist, so I want to make this as a chance for the players never experienced et_ufo_final and erdenberg_t1 or just want to be more familiar with the new maplist.

So lets head on and review the rules, schedule and the rest of information regarding the cup.

Cup date: Wednesday the 12th of June 2013, 20:00 CEST
Team format: 3on3

Additional information:
ETTV: Yes ( Grand Final )
Shoutcast: No

By signing-up you agree with the rules set for this cup, which can be viewed here

The maplist is the same as the newly published ClanBase 3on3 ladder maplist:

• adlernest
• braundorf_b4
• erdenberg_t1
• et_beach
• et_ice
• et_ufo_final
• frostbite
• sp_delivery_te
• supply
• sw_goldrush_te

Miscellaneous information:
Check-ins from 19:45 CEST onwards
Sign-ups till 19:59 CEST
Brackets at 20:00

Round 1: et_ufo_final
Round 2: erdenberg_t1
Round 3: sw_goldrush_te (if 32 teams)
Final: Both finalists can select own map from the maplist

The Grand Final will be played on ETTV and is Bo3.

A show match of erdenberg_t1 can be viewed here

For any additional assistance or questions you can query me at #exitium.et@quakenet under the name "Aniky"

Click here to sign up

idle #exitium.et

Grand Final

Poland upload Poland wassabi France yokoo

image: game41258

Semi Finals

image: game41257image: game41256

nice, gl with it :)
gl aniky btw im allowed tm play this cup i was tzac busted not my fault and i don't cheat have a nice day
You have a ban on CB, don't you?
Quotenot my fault

gl aniky my lord
is pds still alive?
Apparently he's working in Japan
He's doing fine, at the moment at Japan, working as IT and some other stuffs.
I'm gonna sign up for this, i think.
I might play it
trashhhhhhhh teammmmm
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