original newspost

image: smileyyi5


to win an official low plus prac/match

advance to the second round of any random 1 day cups (3o3 or 6o6)

come 4th in the eu cup

be convicted of hacking at least twice

get naked pics of Finland donitsi's mum

make Finland biitti's little brother a full time member... NOT

some aussie dude with a hot girlfirend

some skin head who gets the kootz rootz

some noob who has been to juvenile jail for killing a guy

some guy claims to have won cc5 (pfft yeah right)

we probably wont win any low+ games

abort will never play with us

Finland vesaz likes men

we wont advance to the 2nd round of any random 1 day cups

Finland donitsi doesn't have a mum


United Kingdom tosspot

noobs who wishes they were in the team
Finland slarto

image: Epic_Boobs

Finland bIITTI

high skill players
Netherlands abort

high skill plays with high ping (thus bad)
Australia brendan/kad

low+ players
Finland Donitsiiiii<3
Finland Joonas
Sierra Leone sparkz
Finland Spiidy
Finland vesaz

obviously not starting 6
Finland creator
Finland dixon
Finland Flekmaatikko
Finland IOWA
Finland PeeHoo
Finland testifi3d
Finland Xfec

Russian Winter Cup
Antman Cup

Owning lowskills since 2006
Getting owned by low+ since 2006
Contact information

http://koti.mbnet.fi/vesaz/index.php, #:O)