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Quote by NightWakizashiuk: So night, having played ET all these years and finally getting the chance to play vs artline how do you feel?


Quote by Shizzlewe gave eirik a chance and see how he turned out!

Quote by Nyke Pause the game a second, oh wait no don't worry it's not my phone just too many headshots! cup v2 3v3 cup 3v3
#artline cup v1 3v3
#Team.xT 3on3 cup
#glitz Gaming 6on6 1day-cup
#cup-relic v6 3v3
#isports-cup Artline / Onesoldier 6v6
#Fif.Gaming Premier League 2007 6v6
#Re-play cup Premier League 6v6

Artline attempts to dominate the Nation Cup:

Artline vs Norway 4:0
Artline vs Israel 4:0
Artline vs Russia 4:0
Artline vs Denmark 4:0
Artline vs Sweden 4:0
Artline vs Germany 2:0
Artline vs Cze 2:2
Artline vs United Kingdom 0:2

Final Artline Lineup<3:

England artline. Wakizashi (c)
England artline. Nyke
Belgium artline. WinAct
Belgium artline. Shizzle
Denmark artline. Squash
Norway artline. Eirik
Netherlands artline. Impulz

Artline wall of ego :D

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Artline-Eirik: I have a girlfriend on visit and she asked me what I had on the arm, and I said that's artline!

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2 ez 4 Squash
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