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I Kannt Spall a.ka. The Balkan Community Of Enemy Territory

Without further ado, let me welcome you the new I Kannt Spall Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory squad.

Croatia bizkid
Croatia dino
Croatia Sarma
Croatia sorrow
Croatia diablos
Bosnia Hercegovina Adi
Slovenia infern

Bosnia Hercegovina mudi
Bosnia Hercegovina ixox
Bosnia Hercegovina Dzenan
Bosnia Hercegovina Lith
Croatia gor4n
Croatia Mr. Bean

History of iKs:

At the end of 2006 a group of players took gaming to the next level and founded I Kannt Spall, a brand new gaming clan.
iKs stands for, Merit, Dignity and Teamwork . iKs was founded by people with all kinds of interests but all lead to the same goal: Forming a gaming organization where players can have fun by playing and competing at the highest level.

A new era of I Kannt Spall Gaming is beginning. With this rebirth of activity into the organization we will be welcoming a new squad of players to represent the team in a familiar game. This title, one that iKs has built a strong reputation within, is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

In order to re-solidify our presence within the competitive ET community, we have found a roster that understands our goals. This team, will act as key components to the organization and will be the foundation for the future. This roster consists of many veteran players within the community that have proven themselves on various stages. Without further ado, please join me in welcoming the new i Kannt Spall Wolfenstein: ET squad.

The reason this team never really stuck together is cited as being an issue of differing locations. The chemistry we built in the past was invaluable, but due to a lack of sponsorships and not being local to each other, they decided to part ways. But now its time for a new era!

History of iKs by Adi & Bizkid

In June 2006 iKs was founded by Adi, bizkid & spArkZ. We started playing a lot of 3on3 cups and it went from fun to more serious. We played very well and owned some pretty good teams like SRP. We were now getting danL, Lith, Dzenan, boky, Sarma, defcut, m1ke & dmr to the team wich meant that we played some more 6on6s. Our teamskill was pretty decent. When we play together i really feel like i know everything about my teammates. I simply cant imagine where i would be today in ET without iKs. I have played with you guys so much and i forgot almost everything about my old danish teams. For me is now where i belong and thats with my balkanse fellows that knows how to speak bosnian and how to play a serious game with a lot of fun.

iKs means I kannt spall. The tag "iKs" was created a couple of seconds before we had to sign up for a 3on3 cup. It was bizkids idea, because we all went afk during the signup and he had to find a name. After the cup we decided to keep the iKs tag, but there was no meening for it, so suddenly adi came up with i Kannt spall.

When i look trough my logs i really see how funny we had it.

19:33:22 » <@tXbizkid> mora da mu je adi popusio kurac ili drko na webcam :DDD
19:34:48 » <@tX|spArkZ> izdrkao je na kameru... Jimbo je neki peder :DDDD

21:23:55 » <@Lith_Bih-Cro> 1-2
21:24:13 » <@tX|spArkZ> za bih?
21:24:17 » <@Lith_Bih-Cro> ne
21:24:20 » <@Lith_Bih-Cro> za cro
21:24:29 » <@Lith_Bih-Cro> al prvo polovrjeme
21:24:30 » <@tX|spArkZ> onda je bosna 1-2 croatia
21:24:35 » * tX|spArkZ sets mode: +o rajaram
21:24:43 » <@Lith_Bih-Cro> ja
21:25:16 » <@Lith_Bih-Cro> al kad zasvira sudija 90 minutu bi ce 5-2
21:25:18 » <@Lith_Bih-Cro> :)
21:25:29 » * @Lith_Bih-Cro hits tX|DefCut in the head with a sledge hammer and then hands tX|DefCut an Aspirin!
21:25:32 » <@Lith_Bih-Cro> jel gledas?
21:25:42 » <@tX|DefCut> ne
21:25:43 » <@tX|DefCut> igram :D
21:25:46 » <@Lith_Bih-Cro> :)
21:25:47 » <@tX|DefCut> valjda znamo ko ce pobjedit ;D
21:25:53 » <@Lith_Bih-Cro> neznas
21:25:54 » <@Lith_Bih-Cro> :D
21:26:56 » * dizA has joined #iks.priv
21:26:57 » * L sets mode: +o dizA
21:27:16 » <@Lith_Bih-Cro> ako hrvatska pobjedi castimtepivom 2023 na cpc203 kad bidnemo high :D

0:16:49 » <@iKs`spArkZ> HAHAHAHAHA
10:16:53 » <@iKs`spArkZ> (url) []
10:16:55 » <@iKs`spArkZ> gle to
10:17:15 » <@iKs`spArkZ> najbolje je kad dodje snimak na ono kad je cartman u skoli i kaze F word
10:17:22 » <@iKs`DefCut> da gledao sam :DD:D:
10:17:29 » <@iKs`DefCut> uzme megafon
10:17:31 » <@iKs`DefCut> i opet kaze
10:17:31 » <@iKs`DefCut> xD
10:17:54 » <@iKs`spArkZ> hahahaha
10:18:25 » <@iks`bizkid> najbolje je u southpark kad kaze sta mislis da cu ja doc u hell? sta ti je ja necu doc u hell nisam nigger
10:18:39 » <@iKs`spArkZ> :DDD
10:18:48 » <@iKs`DefCut> xD
10:18:52 » <@iKs`DefCut> kaze ovom
10:18:54 » <@iKs`spArkZ> ili kad je cartman onom crnom reko
10:18:57 » <@iKs`DefCut> sorry I didn't mean that you are a jew

+ all my danL come vent danL lets play quotes!

I hope we are all gonna stick together and keep playing other games or something like that becouse i cant imagine how it would be one day without playing at least one match with danL, without hearing bizkids tired voice talking about how lucky he is to stick it in the ass!!! and how it only smells a bit, without hearing Liths beloved "sellam alejkum" or his awesome laugh, without hearing sarmas "ey danL", without hearing bokys "cao raja, da vidis krompiruse", without hearing laweis "allah hu ekber", without hearing lazios "ja sam vam najbolji" without hearing Dzenans "dobar dan", without hearing dmrs "zovem se damir!" without hearing defcunts "bog + a stupid joke that makes it impossible to stay at vent becouse me and lith cant stop laughing", without hearing sparkzs "slovenca sam"! & without hearing m1kes "fuck thats lame music, try listen to this (turns on crazy techno that actully sounds good)"! Without you guys et would be nothing :)

iKs is one of the greatest clans ever in history, but not cause of achievements: Its iKs love inside. we love eachother, we rly do. adizz even sucked my dick once, and danL is just a great player and a person. i think ill remeber those guys in 50 years, when im old or maybe dead.