Foundet A.D. 2000

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STV:Elite Force Awards

ESPL Ladder AW CTF 365 Days with Europe essential
Desiliga with Europe essential

RTCW:ET Awards

GET Liga 3on3 Ladder with Europe my_essential
ESL DE Ladder 3on3

Players / Squads

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(c) my_essential and essential are Copyright from essential e.V.

essential! ET v3

-Germany antti
-Germany trust
-Germany l0wnatoR
-Germany noObje

eSsential.ET v2

-Germany Pitchblack
-Germany Deich
-Germany Neko
-Germany ETBaby
-Germany ETBert
-Germany HerzogDexter


-Germany Epic
-Germany Cloud
-Germany RedRum
-Germany Nightmare
-Germany Spuni
-Germany m1Ke
-Germany styLe
-Germany keal
-Switzerland schwarzi


-Germany trUnks
-Germany mc_sk
-Germany skyblader
-Germany charis
-United Kingdom kim
-United Kingdom phoenix
-United Kingdom disease
-Netherlands goldi



United Kingdom vulture
Germany Lostsoul
Netherlands v1p
Iran akira
Germany mpec
Germany mc_sk
United Kingdom insider
Spain pablo
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