x The clan for all the ppl taking drugs on crossfire. x
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x Drugs! x
Weed / Hash
LSA-Containing seeds
LSD (dont try this at home kids)
Cocaine sux
2-CB all the way
MEPHEDRONE (best of the best)
and so on
dee3 survived datura


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x Info about all kinda drugs: http://www.erowid.org/ x

x Weed x[/center]]
What is Weed? Click!
White Widdow
Northern Light
Super Skunk

x Hash x[/center]]
What is Hash? Click!
Fuck Yeah!
Black Afghan

x LSA x[/center]]
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x LSD x[/center]]
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x Shrooms x[/center]]
what are Shrooms? clicky
also known as:
Magic Mushrooms
Psilocybin Mushrooms
Paddo's (dutch)

Scroll down for some examples!!!
you wanna try Shrooms?
info (by aQUTE)

- take 1 portion of mexican mushrooms per person (not more, not less)
- make sure there is someone with you who has experience in taking mushrooms, or make sure there is someone with you who stays sober. So if anything goes wrong, there is one who can handle the situation.
- do NOT drink alcohol during your trip or before taking them. Alcohol and mushrooms do not mix well...
- make sure you have fresh fruit or fruitdrinks in the house. Fruit reduces the effect of the drugg, which might come in handy if you feel bad about taking it or if something goes wrong.
- make sure you have chocolate! Eating chocolate may enhance the effect of the drugg. So if the trip is disappointing or the drugg is wearing out, just eat some chocolate. it might help.
- only use mushrooms in an enviroment you feel happy in (like at home, at friends or in a nice hotelroom)
- DON'T take mushrooms if you feel bad. the drugg may enhance your current mood and could leave you depressed.
- eat the mushrooms on an empty stomage. you can eat something, but as less as possible! or else the drugg will have less effect.
- smoking weed or hasj enhances the effect! but dont overdo it ;) we dont want you to get into a bad-trip.
- if you are feeling sick after taking the mushrooms (might happen after an hour or so), just puke! it will make you feel much better and you can still get the trip because alot has already been absorbed by your body.
- fresh mushrooms are better than dried ones and they have the best effect!
- make sure you buy quality stuff! best is to buy it legally in Amsterdam's smartshops. (dont try homegrown stuff from scary persons in dark alleys...)
- mexican mushrooms are €10-15 per portion in Amsterdam. if you go stronger it will be alot more expensive.
- you have to be 18+ to buy mushrooms in Holland

- if you have a fireplace, turn in on! fire looks great when trippin'
- play music like Jefferson Airplane (white Rabbit is good!)
- as a tourist in Holland, you might have to sign up for mushrooms. then you can pick up your mushrooms after 2-3 days. this is to make sure that one-weekend tourist dont come to amsterdam and take mushrooms immediatly after their plane has landed... (lots of bad things happend to tourist because of this...)
- if you have more questions, ask the people in the smartshops!

image: paddos