Tac2 Cup II (overdoze) (overdoze)
Elite spots (uberpwner
Good Cup 1on1 (Sho)es)
Insecure VI (disQonnect)
OnedAycup VII (disturbia)
Showdowland Tournament (epsylon)
Elvone (orly)
1on1 Tournament IV (Sho)es)

Pornostyle I (uP)
Pornostyle III (uP)
ReLiC Tournament (evo7)
Evolution (Impure)
Global][II] (MixXed)
Phobia II (Bunny) (Bunny)
Tac2 I (Bunny)
Getskill Tournament (exiliCa)

Expect VI 2.55 (PoR)
Phobia IV (Bunny)
Phobia II (Bunny)
Cancer 1on1 (Sho)es)
Luger.Cup (uP)
EpicFail 2.55 (MixXed)
Rifle 1on1 II (Sho)es)
ET-Cup (3er)
Knifeonly (impure)
creative II (scorch& criatura)

/4th Relic VI (sNoOp& aSmOgAn)

I've played..

+ Open Cup Premier Leauge 6on6 Germany roYality
+ Open Cup Premier Leauge 3on3 Belgium bNd
+ Open Cup 2nd Division 6on6 Europe Team -[x]-
+ Summercup Premier Leauge Europe vINDICATE
+ Summercup 2nd Division Europe Team -[x]-
+ Open Cup 5th Division Europe
+ Liga4Fun Final 3on3 Austria violating
+ Liga4Fun Final 6on6 Austria violating

Current Team!

Inactive since 02.11.08

For Friends and Fanboys!

#shoesi (fanboy of krucio and kresti =))
Contact information, #shoesi