- ET 6v6 OpenCup Spring 2006; 7th league
- ET 6v6 OpenCup Spring 2007; 3rd league
- ET 6v6 OpenCup Spring 2009; 1st league
- Clanbase 5v5 Wintercup Premier 2010
- #easter.cup (6v6 1-day cup)
- #CorCup v.3 (6v6-cup)
- Authentic 6on6 2day cup

- Warleagues seasonVI; Group Echo
- Global][Gaming 6vs6 cup (1-day cup)

- #a.Toon Cup (6v6 1-day cup)
- Hot Cup Of E-Tea 2006; 2nd League
- ESL 6on6 New Years NightCup 2008
- ET Stopwatch 6on6 (EU-2006)

+ more..

Clan founded January 11 2006 as a 3v3 team by: Denmarksvupper, FinlandtoNi & DenmarkxcN_

Peeps that have been part of Sleeperz:
Belgium sLL
Belgium b-real
Estonia sTeW
Belgium raspoet!n
Netherlands d!srupt
Netherlands bNT
Belgium WeeZel
Belgium Achilles
Poland CornL
Bulgaria Mirage
Sweden Unreal
Bosnia Hercegovina Krannq
Iceland Pearl
Lithuania RKJ
United Kingdom john
Denmark nurv
Sweden Maze
France Aero
Finland zeku
Finland r0skis
Poland n00n
Netherlands Rodreck
Sweden Millan
Denmark pussie
Denmark Squash
Denmark Goscinny
Denmark fiskEn
Bulgaria !taliano
Belgium nunca
Netherlands LavOd
Belgium Lazio
United Kingdom Tardler
United Kingdom Griim
Estonia hell
Estonia al
Estonia sinnu
Germany duKe_
United Kingdom w3st
Sweden rat
Norway Eirik
+ probaly more...

Contact information

http://www.zzz.frac.dk, #zZz.et