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Clanbase OC Premier League Fall 2007 Cup #2 Won 14 Slot Server
Enemy Territory 6on6 Instant Fall Cup #11 Won ESL Premium Accounts
Enemy Territory 6on6 Instant Fall Cup #12 Won ESL Premium Accounts Again
Enemy Territory 6on6 Instant Fall Cup #18
Volt-Cup Season 4 (6vs6)
High Voltage 6v6 Cup S4
Retrocup (6vs6)
Good Week Start Cup 1 (6vs6)
randomZ Cup #1 (6vs6)
randomZ Cup #2 (6vs6)
Coldfire Vengeance Cup IV (6vs6)
#xTarsia 6v6-cup
Online Only Award CDC4
Most active ET clan
Playing them mixes!
ET Eurocup XX
ET Intel Cup III
fake69 Cup X
heaveN Cup S1 X

By accepting the Clan Invitation new members agree to pays 10 Euro a month. With that money we will arrange a big BBQ.

BBQ 2007 Info: CDC4 29 feb 2008
Holiday 2008 Info: tba

If you want to get in this team you can buy yourself in, pm Overdrive or Lightning.

image: 07-minister
"Our initial assessment is that they will all die!"

cortana,gmx: et sux, how can tag win always

Taking Noobs To School
- 08/08/2007: Draw Finest CDC3 team (over & don were playing)
- 09/08/2007: Win Pstarz CDC3 team (egoquited on supplydepot)
- 12/08/2007: Win AUX CDC3 team (egoquited after first map)
- 19/08/2007: Draw Kreaturen CDC3 team (set 5:19 time on grush)
- 23/08/2007: Win d&b CDC3 team (donex was spraying teamkills all over the map)

- 26/09/2007: Win Cortana EC team & Most crazy radar game ever
- 30/09/2007: Win Azure EC team. They forced us to paly on rate 13k server ='(
- 21/10/2007: Win Kojak EC team. 10 min fullhold at sd2 flag.
- 24/10/2007: Win MMF EC team. They ragekicked us after we fullholded grush tank :')
-24/11/2007: image: ico_warn Loss Megapro EC team. We won b4, they took radar and grush.

image: cbtag1
image: tagpic

- Team Portugal
- Team France
- Team Poland
- Team Chile

- 4-2 Team Vizualize (n1ce tax @ sd)
- 2-2 Kreaturen + Objectiveboy Holz

Took noobs to school:
image: flawless
Winners CB ET 6v6 OpenCup Fall 2007 - Flawless
- 4-0 win Agu
- 4-0 win 6s
- 4-0 win Jote
- 4-0 win RBL
- 4-0 Win Play-Net
- 4-0 Win Team-ND
- 4-0 Win Desire
- 4-0 Win n1ce

The Past:
ET 6on6 FiF Cup 2007
- 4-0 Win Insecure
- 1-3 image: ico_warn Loss MoD (Toxic was playing)
- 4-0 Win 6s (They ragequitted 7 minutes into the first half of the first map)
- 0-4 image: ico_warn Loss Incomplete (Toxic was playing)

ET 6on6 Qcup
- 4-0 Win Floration
- 4-2 Win Incomplete
- 0-4 image: ico_warn Loss Amenti (Rose is a great game. Mud and midas disagree)

You Got Tagged!
- Crozz & Team Israel (SD2, they set 6min20, we 5min13)
- FIF (grush, they set 5min44, we did it in 4min22)

image: taget
image: taget
image: tag

Clanbase OC Premier League Fall 2007 Champs
Netherlands Hope
Belgium Bobot
Netherlands Sensor
Germany KingOfHustle
United Kingdom Med1xza
Netherlands Ayanami

CDC4 TAG lineup
Netherlands Hope
Belgium Bobot
Latvia Vinyl
Latvia Dunno
United Kingdom Med1xza
Germany m!das

CDC5 TAG lineup
Netherlands Hope
Belgium Bobot
Netherlands Lightning
Germany wEAK
United Kingdom Med1xza
Croatia rimi

ETMasters, EC XIX , CC6 Lineup:
Netherlands Lightning
United Kingdom Med1xza
Netherlands Hope
Poland Krein
Estonia Euruz
Poland Edain
Switzerland Gunner

Netherlands Sensor = There is no spoon
image: img_2ffeb789a66ae24ae8e2ed7554be693d

Belgium Bobot = Runs over mines & drives tank
image: img_c5e8147d3c7eb0ea347fa0423f4f0326

Germany Hope = Alltimes lucky
image: img_9e728e35daf90359c8e0b1a40e0505b9

United Kingdom Mud = Aim only
image: img_1f9def21380c5b47e04efa1a70038d58

Croatia Rimi = Lagger & objwhore
image: img_7acadec627bd598a7169e244a0ce54eb

Netherlands Ayanami = Busted b4
image: img_3b06cbd43f9e189e866f723acbfacb18

Sweden Glass = oldskool RTCW player
image: img_e307fec72268ac0e0d1124ccc2580f40

Sweden Fritjof = I'm a medic!
image: img_40caa33661f9530094ce8785a1924bb3

Spain Winghaven = Mr Ego
image: img_01ab836676f531847efca0529b0c046e

Germany Tron = Under investigation for playing with #weekendmix
image: img_f076fe702b24833b90f5e99d819f01a8

Russia KingOfHustle = Got money in da bank
image: img_44ee38d36ecd4ec3e783e836a455fc05

Malta toxic = DJ Steve
image: img_6b7fccb0910904dd989413515d4adff2

Germany M!das = the guy we blame when we loose
image: img_84e6f8f78d43c3d5bbd0baf9bad2cf04

Poland Zero = aim only
image: img_3af034f3c53ce00bc9b0733c8a20135c

Netherlands bullvox = once did a triple hs
image: img_7e0900683424e2349fa65d16e5ac30b1

Slovenia immoo = dresses up like a girl in the weekend
image: img_bb02d4a3701c7f5834712098a3c0c687

Netherlands Sumerian = This picture doesn't make sense
image: img_e68e1a896b0c4862d8446a8bc2db5c59

Croatia Chaplja = worst TAG player ever
image: img_c4732f2de1d324c7c7a278a134fd0a83

Slovenia Clown = third eng
image: img_54f96b09375d7ba8a68eafa9b3719e22

Germany Rise = our lowsense guy!
image: img_da4511d62fd40d3d77ec0632a8af3c2c

Germany Weak = rambo!
image: img_ef75aea55ab57749f650388264dbd2f2

History of TAG
In preparation of cdc3, thought it would be funny to just play some random mixes with some even more random people init. After beating Hummel at CDC3 and taking home endless amounts of money the team started to think about their future.

image: 260px-Paris1944 returning from CDC after having defeated the Hummel

After hearing how much 100€ is in croatian seashells Rimi decided to start his own MGC and #cortana was born. Dream thought playing ETQW would be very lulz. After Dr3am and Rimi killed the remaining players wanted to play some mixes with the nice people they got to know at CDC.

image: 1moses_red_sea_2
DoneX killing ET. In the background on the left you can see Dr3am and the rest of the Warn!ng ETQW squad

After getting bored of raping med teams, we wanted to play some real teams. Even if we had won from them in the past they declined to play with us as we were 'just a mix'. Keeping in mind the endless hours we wasted on perfecting our covert ops strategies and tactics we were left with but one choice: TAG was born.

image: romrem_wolvin_pd
Lupa Capitolina feeding the newborn team

Soon it became clear was more than just a clan. We all felt that the only way we could express our deep affections was by having a big BBQ. So the founding principles were written down, demanding each member to contribute money to have a big BBQ!

image: img_f24a5326d0580b896b636b6a60b7071f BBQ first edition

Random clips from the pwnage
Soundtrack by Captain Jack - Dont aha
- Ninja skillz
Soundtrack by ***
- Sensor Busted

Enemies of TAG
- Weekendmix
- Leonneke (playing with weekendmix)
- Kenta (sucking on ETTV)
- Kenta (cheating on ETTV)
- xfire crew for not nominating our clan profile
- Sainted (being a retard in general)
May you all get lots of fullspawns.

- Cortana
- Devilry
- Kreaturen
- Midnight Spikage crew
- megaprogaming - sponsored by TAG esports

Fans of TAG
- Chuck Norris
- Jack Bauer
- Nelson Mandela
- Gordon Freeman
- B.J. Blazkowicz

Resident DJ's
- Sensor
- Bobot
- Steve
- n00n

- #Pr3dS.gaming
Poland <sosi> i dont rly care;]
Poland <sosi> all this fukcin scene haking

image: img_1fe2238a48094396c2b4a2d65aa9ce5e

- #et.visual
¤ Since 2oo6 ¤ Status: Rebuilding: Illumise, Circus, phunk, Mize, x86Tom, ZaK

- #increased
- #ahead
- #p4m
- scorch
- fritzzz
- roox
- jackie
- sight
- naga


Currently recruiting a medic who can revive Sensor.

We need:
- consistent aim
- sqzz strafing skills
- Know how to nadebug (to all those who applied so far: its not the one where you get an extra nade)
- Shoving experience is a premium
- Be able to multiclass med/eng/pf-mg or med/eng/fops
- Language requirements:
*English: General Chat
*Dutch: Ingame whine

Do not apply if:
- you revive at spawntime
- you dont have a spawnscript
- you dont have a spawntimer
- you can't crouchjump over the mines at east on supply
- we have to teach you how to play ET
- you are a vegetarian

If you interested you can query our human resource manager Hope.
/q `Hope

If you ever played with us once and we never asked you again, consider yourself failed as an ETplayer and slit your wrists.

image: img_7efa69ad1f69ad15d33dae1f0a084bd2

Art of Tag
- Never do tax
- Reviving @ spawntime = k1ck
- Our spam > Your aim
- Medics are fags
- ET is faster than RTCW
- Rush, push and own
- Rifle is overpowerd
- Eng SMG is underrated
- Coverts own


27-11-2007, The day Russia KingOfHustle finally got a new mouse after using his broken one for weeks

image: newmouse

09-01-2008, The day Europe TAG did tax for the first time in history.

15-01-2008, The day Europe TAG created its private channel...

25-01-2008, The day Europe TAG killed the private channel, The joy we had

27-02-2008, The day Earth Earth tried to kill med1xza so he couldnt paly @ cdc.

19-05-2009, Crossfirewave Starters
image: crossfirewave1
image: 6BD7A9BC123C501DE17DE1CF85FB0
image: 2dstblglylrf2rqkzc0baes5


Spread the news, post the following banners around, copy paste it, remove space in [ url] and [ img].

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