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Got a Netherlands CDC3 Direct Invite -> ended 9th
Got an ET-CUP #30 Invite, played Playoffs
Got a Netherlands CDC4 Direct Invite ->7th
Anonymous Kevin owes Anonymous DabSter 25€ (spiROZE not anymore since he won against dab in NC! and worm payed reaver already)
Anonymous ReavEr owes Anonymous DabSter 15€ (money from Worm)

Europe <[o]> vs Europe dignitas Lost 0-4
Europe <[o]> vs Netherlands MAZZ Won 4-0
Europe <[o]> vs Netherlands Hardgaming Won 4-0
Europe <[o]> vs Europe k1ck Lost 2-4 :<
Loser Brackets Playoffs CDC3:
Europe <[o]> vs Europe team massacre Won 4-0
Europe <[o]> vs France muse Won 4-0

United Kingdom The Last Resort
Europe Dignitas
4th Germany Vicious & Evil (Kreaturen)
5th Portugal k1ck.eSports
6th Belgium cZar Gaming
7th Italy
8th Germany Gamepoint Online
9th Europe Team <[o]>
10th France muse.gaming
11th Benelux Team Massacre
12th Benelux Overload
13th - 24th : Europe Others
go to "last events" .. "CDC3" .. "downarrow" .. "o vs k1ck" hf
(the game vs Portugal k1ck, by United Kingdom TosspoT)


Attended CDC3 with this lineup:
Belgium <[o]> Kevin
Belgium <[o]> Worm
Belgium <[o]> spiROZE
Switzerland <[o]> ReavEr
Switzerland <[o]> DabSter
Switzerland <[o]> Rapt6rr

Attended CDC4 with this lineup:
Belgium <[o]> jetro
Belgium <[o]> Worm
Sweden <[o]> NuggaN
Sweden <[o]> savage
Germany <[o]> FaKy
Portugal <[o]> sexyhot
Team <[o]>
Contact information, #<[o]>