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ESL winter league 2008/2009 6on6 second division
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4th Clanbase 3on3 Open Cup second division Spring 2008.
4th Clanbase 2on2 Open Cup Trackmania Nations spring 2008.
5th Clanbase 6on6 Open Cup Spring 2008 second division
5th Clanbase Warsow 2on2 iTDM OC Fall 2007 premier division
5th Clanbase Warsow 2on2 iTDM OC Spring 2008 second division

Personality Team history:[/b]

Back in February 2006. I had an idea of creating a 3on3 only clan that would play for fun in cups and ladder with some people I know. At the time I was in UK Assassins with antalis(who I knew from before) and Cypher(who I met in UK Assassins) and we played some 3on3's before together in that clan so I though about asking the two of them to join me in making a clan.
After both of them said yes, we tried to come up with a name for the clan and we thought that Personality Team would be a good name with I am being the appropriate tag, and Personality Team was born. I immediately used a clan that I already had on CB and renamed it on the same day, so from that we can see that the clan was actually born on 25.2.2006.
We started playing 3on3 quite a lot and it went well with having only 1 loss in almost 30 scrims, although vs low+ opponents at the time, so we started to take it more serious and played to pracc and not only to have fun. At that time we had a huge support in Bulld0g who sponsored us with a server that we really needed.
After a few months, by the end of May, we wanted to expand our clan into 6on6 so we recruited some people and started playing 6on6 aswell but that wasn't really a good decision as we had some internal conflicts, eventhough we played quite well in 6on6, and soon decided to terminate it and continue only with 3on3. So we played 3on3. A lot. We won some smaller cups and played CB OC in which we did rather well, reaching playoffs every time but somehow underperformed a lot when it came to 1/8 and 1/4 matches. At that time we were sponsored by AiAgames which were really helping a lot with server, comms and bnc's, and we are really grateful because their sponsorship lasted for more than a year.
In mid 2007. Cypher had to go to Israeli army so we needed another player to fill his place and that's where g3n came in, knowing him from deathless he was a nice addition to the team. In August 2007. my brother and me decided to buy a new PC and that's where the story of the new Personality Team starts.
By adding drv4c we started playing even more serious, determined to win some stuff and I think we managed that by winning 3rd league in CB OC and winning 3rd place in ESL summerseries(which should've been better but antalis overslept the semifinal match).
After that we decided to try going 6on6 again so in March 2008 we expanded our team again. By doing that we also started to play CoD4, Trackmania Nations and Warsow occasionally alongside ET. We played 6on6 and 3on3 OC and whilst inactivity of our 6th players stopped us from being better although we did reach the playoffs, we got to a 4th place in 3on3 OC 2nd league after failing miserably in the match for 3rd place by going too rambo in 2nd round of decider map after setting a very good time and by truck hating antalis and making us lose the match. Now we are getting back to active state at 6on6 also.

To be continued...[/hide]

People that have played for us:[/b]

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Personality Team
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