Home of the dutch fragging soldiers
later renamed to: team Headshot
and even later to: Unit-7

4th Benelux 6on6 ladder (team Headshot)

Benelux Unit-7/team Headshot - u7 (June 05 - Aug 05)
Belgium SevenFex*
Belgium SeveneQu1* (aka Simme)
Belgium SevenSigns* (aka mAus)
Belgium SevenSpiros*
Netherlands SevenP3rf0r4t0r* (aka perfo)
Belgium SevenBlitzz*
Netherlands Sevennik0z*
Belgium SevenPoepje*
Netherlands SevenLeXus*
Belgium SevenGrape*

Benelux team Headshot - tH' (Dec 04 -June 05)
Belgium tH' Fex
Belgium tH' spiros
Belgium tH' wierdo
Netherlands tH' vlm
Netherlands tH' Mazk
Netherlands tH' squrl
Netherlands tH' Ares
Netherlands tH' nik0z
Belgium tH' odin
Belgium tH' Simme
Netherlands tH' zipp0
Belgium tH' Sho0t
Belgium tH' Requiem
Belgium tH' RedoX
Netherlands tH' Boon

Benelux dutch fragging soldiers - ^dfs. (Apr 04 - Dec 04)
Belgium ^dfs. FeX!
Belgium ^dfs. Simme
Belgium ^dfs. Zog
Netherlands ^dfs. Primax
Netherlands ^dfs. nik0z
Belgium ^dfs. Snake
Netherlands ^dfs. HoNoR
Netherlands ^dfs. B@dass
Netherlands ^dfs. Nokkel
Belgium ^dfs. odin
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